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  1. docdiesel09

    docdiesel09 New Member

    good morning all,newbie here,any help is appreciated.I have an older c771,and no one knows the pass code or the gmail acct.According to Casio it's running older softwear,so there is no hard re-set.Can I simply downloadSuper one click or a comprable program and re root the phone? thanks. Diesel

  2. kormsbee

    kormsbee New Member

    wish i could help... im in the same boat it sucks because i'd like to have my phone back.
  3. NE_Phil

    NE_Phil Well-Known Member

    If the build number is at C771M080 or earlier (go to Settings, scroll down to About phone, scroll down to Build number), then you should be able to use SuperOneClick. If it's up to C771M100 then you're screwed. It won't accept rooting.
    I'm still at C771M070 and rooted. I turned off the Innopath app which kept my phone from getting updates.
    :confused: But it just occurred to me that if you can't get past the pass code, you probably can't see what build it is.
    I guess it wouldn't hurt to try rooting it. Try this:
    [How to] Root 2.3.3 Casio Commando - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

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