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  1. spmillsii

    spmillsii Member

    Ok I had two Droid X's a blackberry storm for two years so I have had the worst and the top smart phones by verizon. But the commando is so stable and durable so far I would never go back to anything else. Will give a review in about a week.

  2. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised there isn't more activity on this phone. I am intrigued by this,but wish it had a FFC.
  3. Dpsammy

    Dpsammy Member

    I took the plunge a few minutes ago and ordered a Commando from Amazon Wireless..... $79.00. I had looked at the Commando at a local Verizon store, I think it was their first one. The sales gal had not even seen it yet. She checked the shipment they just got in, and it had one Commando. It felt good in the hand. Verizon's price was $266 out the door. The phone should get to me on the 11th.

    I have totally been geeking/teching out on cell phones for the last few months. I just have an EnV2, and my screen is cracked. I have been limping along with it for months, looking at phones, pouring over these forums..... Thunderbolt, Bionic, Charge, Galaxy S2, dual core, 1.2 ghz, ffc, 1080p, hdmi, yada yada yada. I was wanting cutting edge and 4g. But, then by chance, I saw this phone. With my lifestyle... hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and my work.. law enforcement, I thought it would be nice to have a phone I didn't need to baby. My duck hunting buddy dropped his Droid X into the bottom of the duck blind into a couple inches of water. Scratch one $600 Droid X. I always had my phone in a plastic baggie, and was worried about getting it wet or dropping it in the mud. When I go salmon or rock cod fishing on the ocean, my phone was always buried deep to keep the salt off it. So, I am hoping this phone is as tough as they say, and is still techie enough to not disappoint me.

    I am new to the android scene. All of my friends that have android phones love them. I have an iPad (which is another reason I didn't think I needed a cutting edge phone), and Apple is easy. But, I didn't want a phone that was just like my iPad. I have been watching numerous videos on YouTube about the toughness of the g'zone phones. Pretty cool. Some people test to see if the phones are indestructable.... which they are not advertised to be. Why someone would purposely drop a 30 lb cinderblock on the phone and expect it to survive beats the heck out of me.

    So, anxiously waiting. Not a whole lot of reviews yet on this phone from actual users, but most have been pretty positive. I think I can put up with a few quirks to get the toughness.

    I will report back!
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  4. ckali7

    ckali7 Well-Known Member

    Cant wait to get more feedback and your thoughts on this phone. It sounds like we're on the same page.
  5. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    I get mine delivered tomorrow. I am like Dpsammy and am into hunting and fishing. Working in LE you soon realize that everything in your possession should be replaceable or rugged enough to take a beating. I go through phones faster then my kids (along with sunglasses, key fobs, etc). I am hoping this phone is tough enough to go through a days work and still have enough battery power at the end of shift. Now to find some apps to use at work..humm
  6. rc109a

    rc109a Member

    Ok I got my phone today. It is a steep learning curve when you go from en EnV3 to a smart phone. I am still trying to figure out some stuff such as how to add the date to the home page. I have time, but no date. I am also having some issues using google calender. I have a gmail account and that portion works fine. When I try to use the calender program I keep getting told that I need a google account. Not sure why it is doing this. I like the phone a lot, but the apps installed are a little disappointing. I am referring to the Gzone apps. They give you 100 locations to chose from, but there is only one location in my state. It should allow you to chose by zip code. It has built in weather display, but I cannot change it from New York. I am also trying to figure out how to delete unwanted apps. I am sure most of this is my lack of knowledge, but it is still frustrating. I was also disappointed in the book with the phone. I found the online operating guide more helpful. Wish that was included. Other then a lack of a sturdy belt clip, I really am enjoying this phone. I was upset at first with text input until I played around with the swipe like interface and found out it was really quick. My phone only came with a 10% charge so after my initial set up I am now waiting for it to fully charge so I can play with it more.
  7. Dpsammy

    Dpsammy Member

    Rc109... I am using an enV3 also. Mine has a cracked screen that has been slowly dying for several months. It is so bad now I can hardly read messages on it. If it wasn't broken, I probably would have waited a little longer on my phone decision.

    I think you will work through your issues on the phone. Mine comes tomorrow. From seeing the g'zone apps, I think some are pretty silly. But, several look useful. I think the one where you pace yourself against world records times running.... A bit silly..... I get to see how badly I am getting my butt kicked. That is supposed to be motivating? It would be better if you could program in a time you want to beat, and see how you do. But, the tides, sun/moon phases...useful. Nothing you can't find elsewhere, but useful.

    As for the bloatware, I think you are out of luck unless you root the phone. From reading these forums, I think I understand what it means, but I have no idea how to do it.

    Looking forward to checking out my phone tomorrow....

    Good luck, and keep reporting!
  8. gioakjoe

    gioakjoe Active Member

    Just got the Phone and after playing with it a few days here is my 2 cents :cool:

    -Screen looks amazing
    -Thick gorilla glass helps protect screen
    -Water Resistant

    -Thick screen makes you press harder to use touch
    -waterproof headphone jack makes some head phones not useable
    -Not 4g

    The Casio Commando allows people who once couldn’t have smart phones get smart phones. This Android phone running 2.2 is fast and very rugged. The first thing I did when I got the phone was put this phone under water in my tub and took pictures made phone calls and texts as well as updated my facebook underwater. I will say do that at your own risk and I wouldn’t take your phone very deep but if you drop it in water it will live to tell the story.

    After the water test I tested the speed using the 3g I got 1mbts up and 1mbts down witch was fairly good. It’s no 4g phone but if you are a rugged user 4g is probably not where you going to take this phone any ways. It has built in wifi and I connected to my router with ez. This phone is also a wireless hot spot for an extra monthly fee.

    The screen is 800x480 and looks amazing it’s a little smaller then the droid x or the thunderbolt but its still pretty good size. One thing that I love about this phone is that it uses a thick gorilla glass witch helps reduces scratches as well as live up to drops and falls. The little bit thicker glass makes it a slightly less touchy then other phones but once you get use to having to press a little harder you get you to it pretty fast.

    The day I got this phone I tried to run as many programs at a time to see how the 800mhz processor handheld. To my surprise switching between texting, sirusxm, slingbox, Pandora, browser, and making a few calls in between this phone never stop to think. It was running as fast as I could think. (Edit 05-11-2011) Just ran Quadrant and got a score of 1050. Came up just a few points lower then the droid X and HTC thunderbolt but beat the Samsung Facinate.

    It has a 5mpx camera but camera people will tell you mega pixels don’t mean every thing. This camera is pretty decent. It’s not going to win any professional photos but it will take great photos and videos to post up on facebook or what have you.

    One thing that I loved more then any other phone I have had is this thing kicks on speakers. When I watched my slingbox you could hear the sound loud and crisp, better then my laptop. Going to speaker phone was the same thing Casio did the speakers right when they made this phone and will work nice to put it on speaker phone out in the field when your hands are full.

    At the end of the day this is a really good phone and allows people never before able to have smart phones get them with out worrying about weather conditions. It’s not the fastest phone or the best looking phone. But it’s defiantly the most rugged phone and so is my jeep and that’s why I Love it.
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  9. emscapt47

    emscapt47 Member

    I hear you about the jeep thing..Iam out doing SAR work all the time and between this and my jeep iam good to
  10. tkahike

    tkahike Member

    I bought this on Saturday when my Storm II's screen broke...again. I do vol. EMS/Fire/OEM, when I saw this, it had my interest. I did pay full price since I can't get another freebie until 2012, but oh well.

    It's a little bit of learning curve from the BB to the droid, but not much. Once you get the hang of it.

    If there is any judgement on the phone, I am not upset at all that I paid full price, in fact, I would do it again. My only beef is the power issue, since none of the 12 BB house chargers will charge this thing LOL. It is 850Mah, not 750. Oh well.
  11. Hpdb301

    Hpdb301 New Member

    Awsome Phone!! Great Job by Casio!! Love all the features, its durable and holds up like advertised!! I did have one DOA after a week of use! It had a processor issues, but quickly corrected and now have a 100% phone that blows all other phone away that I've owned. I sold my Piece of crap Iphone to buy this phone and So so so glad I did!!

    Just get the Verizon PTT feature and this phone will be a work horse!
  12. y0bailey

    y0bailey Well-Known Member

    For everyone looking for PTT...try the app HEYTEL off the market. You might be pleasantly surprised!
  13. emscapt47

    emscapt47 Member

    I want the verizon one so i can use the side botton like it suppose to be used...
  14. Hpdb301

    Hpdb301 New Member

    Yeah the verizon PTT is more reliable IMO. Nothing against any of the internet based apps. Most of the Govt. agencies around me have switched to Verizon PTT and would make it easier for me to communicate easier!
  15. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    Not having the Verizon PTT is what is holding me back. Hopefully they will come out with an app later like they did for the Blackberries. I'm sure the apps listed on the market work just fine. Unfortunately the people I PTT with are using a mix, from Blackberries to the whole Casio feature phone line, some Motorolas and a few Samsung Convoys. This is something the market apps won't support...

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