Comments on MyTrends, new type of App?

  1. socrates

    socrates New Member

    I am curious what folks think of a new app in the Android Marketplace/tools called MyTrends.
    It is something that hasn't been tried before, but seems to have some potential?

  2. SirFenwick

    SirFenwick Well-Known Member

    Its a interesting App, but it really needs a new UI. Its horrible and not very user friendly, especially for people who are lazy and don't want to spend time to figure out a new program.
  3. socrates

    socrates New Member

    Full disclosure: I wrote the app.
    I don't have access to a G1 phone, or anybody who has one, so I am blind when it comes to how it looks and feels on that phone.
    I am hoping some of y'all could give me clues as to how it is doing out there all alone without me, my baby...
    And, I believe in the concept. I just hope others can see the potential..
    I wish I had it on my phone (-;
  4. socrates

    socrates New Member

    And another thing..
    As one of many developers for the platform who do not yet have access to the T-Mobile G1 phone, I have no idea what folks are saying in their comments about my app.
    If some hero wants to paste some of that in this board that would be awesome. I dont know how you would be able to do it...

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