Comparing Nexus S and MyTouch 4G

  1. VJKotts

    VJKotts Well-Known Member

    I now have both (will be returning one of them), here are my observations:
    • Call quality better with nexus s
    • signal strength better with MT4G
    • wifi signal stronger with MT4G
    • Bluetooth stonger with nexus S, MT4G not far behind; both do better than iphone 4
    • I live in an HSPA+ area. MT4g can be twice as fast at times going by the speedtest numbers. however in real life use, I don't feel much faster during browsing (I don't watch much videos). I'm wondering what is the point of 4G anyway
    • MT4G has UMA (wifi calling). Nexus S does not.
    • Nexus S has SIP calling. MT4G does not.
    • Both has hotspot features that are free. T-mobile can decide to charge for the MT4G (Not charging for it yet)
    • hardware better with MT4G. Like the dedicated camera button and hardware buttons on front much better for use. Do not like the genius button though
    • S-Amoled screen is beautiful. However the screen on the MT4G is brighter under normal conditions
    • Both cameras are good.
    • MT4G has integrated video calling app which works good even on there H+/ 3G
    • Gingerbread: There's not enough in gingerbread that I would miss if I go for the MT4G. Maybe if they send an update in a few months with some extra features, I might then regret it.
    • HTC sense: Like the Mail app, Gallery app, news widget, other widgets, car home app. All of them are better than stock IMO

    It's still a tough decision for me. I like both, what can you say.

  2. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    The NS should out perform the MT4G substantially when it comes to video graphics. I'd also expect the NS to be better suited for running apps in the future simply because it will be the phone developers will be testing on most regularly.

    Now the MT4G will best the NS in terms of raw CPU power, but only buy 15-30%. It's kind of a moot point though, considering that most demanding apps will put the majority of the stress on the GPU, and having the SenseUI will bring them closer to equals.

    I had the choice between the two, and I chose the NS. HSPA+ may be 2-3 times faster, but when a page already loads in a second, what's the point? Video seem to buffer just fine as well. There's really just not a whole lot of use for the extra speed, and to be honest, that's all the MT4G has going for it.

    I chose the NS primarily because it's the new developer platform for Google. Everything app and update Google comes out with for about the next year will be custom tailored to the NS.

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