Comparison of roms, what is "signed" rom?

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    Hi, all

    just rooted (with clockwormode) my desire and now looking for a good, stable rom to flash, but coming across soooo many variation... need some advice for the following:

    1. what is a signed rom.. such as .com/shipped/Brav...921_signed.exe?
    2. currently on clockworkmod recovery, can i just flash all room from there? what to look out for..
    3. knowing i probably cant flash ota update, what is the closest match to the following flash?

    Thanks in advance.

    After extensive goggling, found some new info but hoping someone could help pointing to right direction...

    1. seems its signed == source verified version? is there a different from non-signed?
    2.Think so i am gonna use ROM manager from apps with CWM to flash.. :)
    3. Decided to use -> Pre-rooted Stock Froyo 2.10.405.2 from XDA... hope this is good..

    Any comments and advice are welcome.. Thanks.


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