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Comparison of roms, what is "signed" rom?Root (Browse All)

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  1. FriesL

    FriesL Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 13, 2010
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    Hi, all

    just rooted (with clockwormode) my desire and now looking for a good, stable rom to flash, but coming across soooo many variation... need some advice for the following:

    1. what is a signed rom.. such as .com/shipped/Brav...921_signed.exe?
    2. currently on clockworkmod recovery, can i just flash all room from there? what to look out for..
    3. knowing i probably cant flash ota update, what is the closest match to the following flash? TA_Bravo_HTC_Asia_WWE_2.13.707.1-1.19.707.7_....zip

    Thanks in advance.

    After extensive goggling, found some new info but hoping someone could help pointing to right direction...

    1. seems its signed == source verified version? is there a different from non-signed?
    2.Think so i am gonna use ROM manager from apps with CWM to flash.. :)
    3. Decided to use -> Pre-rooted Stock Froyo 2.10.405.2 from XDA... hope this is good..

    Any comments and advice are welcome.. Thanks.


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