Compass - Azimuth & Quadrant reading

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  1. cooldev

    cooldev Member

    This is a simple needle based compass, with fixed dial. It supports Azimuth as well as Quadrant bearing.

    Whats different?
    - I didn't find a compass app that can show Quadrant bearing
    - No ads


    - Only portrait mode
    - Point your phone(top part), to know the azimuth or quadrant reading.
    - Tap to switch between azimuth & quadrant mode.

    I have tested it on Wildfire & Nexus 7. Need testing on different devices.
    Any enhancement requests are more than welcome.
    If you like, you can leave a comment at playstore. :)

  2. Complexstrateg

    Complexstrateg New Member

    Can you post a link?
  3. cooldev

    cooldev Member

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