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  1. Lord_Vanski

    Lord_Vanski Member

    Can anyone please tell me if your compass is working on your ZTE Valet? If so, can someone tell me what I maybe doing wrong?

    Here's the scoop...I have downloaded two compass apps from Google play store and none of 'em are working on my phone. I have also downloaded "GPS status & Tool" to calibrate my compass but that too doesn't work :-( Does anyone know if it is even compatible with the ZTE Valet.


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    If GPS Status won't calibrate it, I'd guess at a hardware problem. That's my go-to compass calibration software.
  3. Lord_Vanski

    Lord_Vanski Member

    Rukbat, did you say your "Goto Compass Calibration" works for you on your phone?
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    GPS Status works for every phone I've used it on. If it's not calibrating your compass I'd say you have a hardware problem.
  5. charlesh3

    charlesh3 New Member


    I also can not get compass apps to work on my Valet. Neither "Accurate Compass" nor "Compass" (that's the entire name) from the Play Store do anything.

    I don't understand why other replies mention GPS as I think these compass apps use the magnetic sensors. If so, do you know of an app to test the sensors?

  6. 2BitGary

    2BitGary Active Member

    I can't get the compass or magnetic sensors to work, I would assume they are related. GPS works just fine. I've tried waving the phone in circles and 8 like most compass apps recommend, all I get is strange looks from the wife!

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