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  1. kicknoid

    kicknoid New Member

    I will soon be getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I read somewhere some people have inaccurate compass problems.

    I didn't get the Tab 2 yet, but a bad compass may be a deal breaker. (I really, really want to use the astronomy apps!).

    Has anyone had any problem with their compass?

    Thanks for any reply.

  2. hmgaffney

    hmgaffney New Member

    Marine Compass by Pierrox works for me. First I tried Accurate Compass by Andy Stone and it wouldn't work It kept saying I was near magnets ect.

    I uninstalled it and installed "Marine Compass" and it responded right away. I went outside-again-and orientated it by spinning it around in several axis and it seems great so far.
    I'm newto Android being a pc guy but this is my experience so far.

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