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Compatible charging cable for Le Pan TC 970 (part# AC101)?Tips

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  1. alexAG76

    alexAG76 Member

    Are there any other charging cables that are compatible with the Le Pan TC 970? I would try other cables, but I am afraid of damaging my unit. I have already passed the retailer's return date. Unfortunately, the cable isn't covered under any warranty, and I have to pay about $14 to Le Pan to get a replacement "AC101 USB cable" shipped. :mad:

    I'd prefer it be a USB cable with data transfer capability.

  2. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    The connector pin layout is the same as the iPad/iPod/iPhone. It has been reported that an apple USB cable can be modified to work by removing a small amount of the connector on either side of the pins but I haven't tried it. I know an iP... plug will not fit into the Le Pad.
  3. yourladyk

    yourladyk New Member

    My tablet has stopped charging as well and I suspect the cable to the culprit. I purchased a tablet for my sister's birthday in Sept 2011, then bought one for my own birthday in Oct 2011. I tried the cable from my sister's le pan and my tablet charges.

    I submitted a case via their support website since it's under a year old and their warranty description states that the tablet and accessories are covered.

    If they don't just replace the AC101 USB cable, I will just purchase a couple since they're only $4 each and pay the one time $10 flat fee shipping just in case a cable malfuntions again in the future.

    I can say that I transport my charging cable with me frequently and I wrap it in a circular motion around the AC adapter portion before tossing into my purse. Though my sister had her tablet longer than me, she only charges her tablet at home and doesn't unplug the adapter/cable from the wall.

    You would think that the cable would be more durable since USB cables typically are. I'm checking out some retailers as well to see if they have the part since they carry the tablet. I'll post another message if I locate the cable from another source.
  4. alexAG76

    alexAG76 Member

    I caved and purchased the cable from Le Pan. They only charged me $5 for shipping :), $9 total for one cable. They shipped first class from California.
  5. sarafina

    sarafina Member

    I bought a generic ipad/tablet power cable and just filed down the ears. I used a heavy file like for acrylic nails, but a fine metal file would work as well.

    I had to file off the metal and the plastic and I removed the little spring locks.

    Fits fine ; -)

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  6. lepanman

    lepanman New Member

    I used a regular ipod charger cable..all you have to do is look at the connector on the lepan tablet and you will see a little metal tab on the left hand side of the connector..bend it up with small needle nose pliers and the ipod charger cable fits perfectly and locks in place as well.Simple as that.
  7. paisleytatt2

    paisleytatt2 New Member

    I also was able to move the little metal tab on the left up so that my ipod cord would fit. The problem I am having is that the charge icon on the battery is not there. Instead I get the media Icon. Will it still charge ?
  8. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    I had to grind metal and plastic from the side of the iPad plug on the cable I bought for the purpose of having a backup. It would only charge the tablet to 91% even if I it powered down. It did work ok as a USB when connected to the computer and the charge icon looked normal.
  9. Rickinnocal

    Rickinnocal New Member

    I bought an iPad cable from a Dollar Store, bent back the little ear, and it works fine.

    I've noticed that with both this cable and the original Le Pan cable, if the tablet is plugged into a charger it shows the charging symbol, if it's plugged into a computer USB port it shows the media icon, but does still charge.


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