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Compiling ICS for Breakout

  1. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    I've tried porting it to both Gingerbread (2.3.3) and ICS that I both compiled myself by just downloading the source from Google and compiling it.
  2. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a guide that you've been following? I'd like to try messing around with some ROMs but i'm not sure how to compile the AOSP or CyanagonMod.
  3. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Here's the compiling process:


    Google's guide:


    Another video that might be helpful:


    Hopefully you have a quad core because you'll need it. 4 gigs of RAM will work (that's what I have) but you'll need a ton of swap. 4 gigs of swap should suffice. Ubuntu 10.04 is recommended, but after I made this thread I installed 12.04 and successfully got it to compile.

    Java is a pain to install on Ubuntu, OpenJDK WON'T work.

    Try this guide for Java:

    How to install Java 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Thanks for the help because I need all that I can get! I'm a newbie myself so I may not even be doing anything right.
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  4. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    How did you compile the Breakout files into the ROM? Did you use an extract-files.sh script?
  5. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    I just used the kitchen. See the link at post #2 above.

    There was another guide that I found myself that I tried too but I can't seem to find the link.
  6. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    terabyte128, how's it coming? Did you run into any problems?
  7. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    I think it's harder than it seems. There's a lot of proprietary files and stuff that Pantech hasn't published the source code for.
  8. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    I got a system dump from the marauder-well, the /system folder anyway. Hopefully, we can help them out with rooting and maybe we can get ics :p
  9. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thread moved to "all things root" thanks for understanding :)
  10. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    I have not given up on this! Now that I have some source code from the Marauder, I am going to continue trying to port ICS...
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  11. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    I didn't get a notification for the new posts, but glad to hear you got a system dump of the Marauder! Do you actually have a Marauder? If so, how did you manage to get the dump?
  12. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    I've been talking to the people over at the Marauder forums. My plan is to first work on creating a Cyanogenmod ROM for the Breakout and then working to ICS from there. My hope is that porting CM will teach me some stuff about porting ICS.

    Here's the link, if anyone's interested. FYI it doesn't contain the kernel or anything, just /system for now. http://goo.gl/s6edp
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  13. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Nice! Keep us posted! :)
  14. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    GOOD NEWS (maybe)!

    I found the KERNEL SOURCE for the BREAKOUT on Pantech's open source site. Go to opensource.pantech.com, register, login, click My Page (at the top), scroll the list on the left till you see ADR8995, click that, and click the link in the middle of the page.

    Maybe we can get somewhere now?
  15. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I found that a little while ago too. I've gotten it to compile successfully, but you would need to patch it for ICS (it's a newer kernel version).

    There's plenty of info on the internet on patching kernels, good luck!

    To help you start:

    Kernel website: The Linux Kernel Archives
    How to patch: How to patch a Linux kernel - O'Reilly Answers

    I'll keep you posted on my CM progress.
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  16. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Cool, thanks! BTW, did you get compilation errors like I'm getting? I removed the 'treat warnings as errors' option (-Werror) from the makefile but now I'm getting "include/linux/coda.h:223: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'u_quad_t'" If you got anything like that how did you fix it?
  17. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    I'm not really knowledgeable about this, but I did get a number of warnings and the kernel ran fine. (At least, it booted lol) It only seems to work if you run the ./build.sh script because I think Pantech sets up some special variables. I modified mine a bit, here it is if you're interested:
    Code (Text):
    echo "Setting build flags..."

    SKY_ANDROID_FLAGS+=" ""-DBOARD_VER=0x100041"
    SKY_ANDROID_FLAGS+=" ""-include include/CUST_PANTECH.h"
    SKY_ANDROID_FLAGS+=" ""-DFIRM_VER=\\\"CU899501.BB\\\""


    #                   -DMODEL_ID=0x1000 \
    #                   -DBOARD_VER=0x100041 \
    #                   -include include/CUST_PANTECH.h \
    #                   -DFIRM_VER=\"S8995VWB813F.BB\" \
    #                   -DSYS_MODEL_NAME=\"APACHE\" \
    #                   -DSKY_MODEL_NAME=\"ADR8995\"

    export ARCH=arm;
    export CROSS_COMPILE=~/CodeSourcery/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/arm-none-eabi-;
    echo -n "Input number of threads [1]: ";
    read threads;

    for configs in ./arch/arm/configs/msm7630*
    echo $configs
    echo -n "Input config name: "
    read config;
    echo "Setting up .config...";
    make $config;
    echo "Starting make process...";
    make -j$threads;
    echo "Creating boot image...";
    ./mkbootimg  --kernel ./arch/arm/boot/zImage --ramdisk ./ramdisk.img --cmdline "console=ttyMSM2 androidboot.hardware=qcom" --base 0x00200000 --pagesize 4096 --output ./boot.img
    echo "Done!!! Created boot image from $config";
    (your CROSS_COMPILE is probably different)
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  18. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Sweet! It's building now. Did you have to change anything with make menuconfig?
  19. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    It compiled and I got the kernel to boot fine. In order to patch the kernel, am I not going to have to patch sequentially from all the way to 3.0.1? And isn't the standard linux kernel a little different from the android one? Just some questions I have.
  20. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Yes I think you would need to patch sequentially. Luckily, there's not that many versions of the kernel in between. And I *think* the standard linux patches will work.
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  21. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Thanks for that. After reading, it looks like I'm going to patch from 2.6.37 to 2.6.38 to 2.6.39 then to 3.0.1. But it looks like the kernel patches don't go up all the way to 2.6.38 and 2.6.39, the highest seems to be 2.6.13.
  22. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Well, I can't help you with specifics, sorry :p

    But I will continue writing on trying to port Cyanogen Mod. Then we can work towards an ics ROM. I might open a Google code repo to assist, what do you think would be a good dev name for the breakout?

    Send from my Android
  23. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    I'm not sure at the moment, I'll have to think on that. :)
  24. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    How about "dalliance?" It means "a brief love affair" but it's a cool word.
  25. Rayburn96

    Rayburn96 Active Member

    Sounds great to me. Go for it.

    There's something that's peculiar to me. I've seen some devices lately that are able to use ICS with kernel 2.6.37 (the same version as on the Breakout). Do you think this actually means that we might not need to port the kernel? I know we're talking about different devices here, but it looks to me that if ICS on one phone can support that kernel, looks like ICS can support the same kernel on other phones.

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