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Complaints/grievances about S5 from former S3 ownerGeneral

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  1. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    To be completely honest with you all, I received this phone as a gift, and that is the only reason why I am using it now. There are obvious advantages to the S5 (like the significantly better battery life, camera, and resistance to water damage to a name a few), but nothing about it wows me or impresses me the way the S3 did when I first got it. This next big thing is disappointing to a former S3 owner and I would advise anyone with an S3 who is thinking of upgrading to strongly reconsider, as there simply isn't enough bang for your buck coming from an S3 and going to an S5.

    -Phone is bulkier, heavier, and overall less comfortable to hold and walk around with in your pockets. Also, using the phone with one hand requires a lot more stretching and reaching unless you enable "one handed operation" mode. I'm sure people with large hands and lanky fingers will be fine with the increased size and bulk of the phone, but I'm not one of them. The only advantage to this is obviously the larger display for videos, and multi window is a lot more useful than it was on the S3.

    -Holding down home button is no longer used for switching through apps. It loads this built-in Google spyware feature called Google Now which I have absolutely no interest in using. To switch through apps now, you make a quick tap of the lower left button. And when you want to go into the settings/options of whatever screen you are on, you have to hold down the left key. This is backwards in my opinion. Getting into options should be one quick press...just like it was on the S3...and when you want to switch to another app you should have to hold down the key. I want the option of reassigning what the functions of these 2 keys do, because this change sucks after using an S3 for 2 years and I'm not looking forward to getting used to this.

    -Can't add words to or modify to the phone's dictionary. So when I'm swyping my words in phone's keyboard, when I type in acronyms or expletives, I have to manually tap each letter of the word, otherwise keyboard replaces it with something else. WTF man?!

    -No streaming news ticker available at all on lockscreen. This is something I always used on my S3 which I am very disappointed to see missing as an option. To make matters worse, the phone doesn't even include any decent news app. Yahoo news widget on S3 was far superior to this Flipboard garbage.

    -They got rid of quick launching apps from the lockscreen. Opening browser or favorite app right away after unlocking phone...a very time saving and nifty feature...gone for no good reason. Sheer stupidity right there.

    -Phone's Internet browser has no way of opening new links in background window. On S3's default browser, a setting could be toggled where all links that force themselves to be open on new pages will be sent to a new window behind the page you are currently browsing. On the S5 this option isn't available, so any links you select that require a new window will automatically open and load in front of the current page you are on. Extremely annoying when you are scrolling through news headlines for or forum posts and want to open a bunch to read later from the main page. I am aware I could use Chrome, but I generally liked the S3's default browser for almost everything.

    -App screen has less customization. There's no more changing the way it is displayed...like putting it in list mode or up & down instead of left and right. All they let you change now is the order that the apps appear in.

    -Ninety percent of the new gimmick features this phone brings to the table are unimpressive and mostly useless. Finger print security is a pain in the ass and is a much slower method to unlock the phone with compared to the traditional pattern unlock mode from what I have experienced. Heart rate monitor is cool but not very accurate and in real world daily applications is useful to maybe only a select few individuals. Air view and air browse are both waste of time show off features and nothing else. The only two new features that I believe are worthwhile are the smart remote feature to power on and control tvs and cable boxes directly from the phone (which was already available on the S4), and the download booster.

    -Oh yeah and opening up the lid on the bottom of the phone to charge/access USB is very annoying, especially when your finger nails are cut low like most dudes' are. Opening the back of the phone is also a pain without finger nails. I'm sure both of these annoyances are related to making the phone water resistant though, so I guess you gotta pay to play.

  2. danoffset

    danoffset Active Member

    Wow, this phone really bugs you. Best thing for you to do is go back to your S3, and give the S5 to someone who might actually appreciate it.
  3. photondev

    photondev Well-Known Member

    As a former S3 user, I couldn't disagree more: the increase in speed, battery life, screen and the fabulous camera are some of the most important things making it a worthy upgrade
  4. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    photondev: In my opinion, an increase in speed, battery life, screen size, and camera quality is already to be EXPECTED from any new model phone in the first place compared to a 2 year predecessor. If that's all it takes to please you, what can I say? You're easy to please.

    But what else does the S5 give us over our S3s that justifies its ridiculously steep upgrade pricing? Once you look past those few hardware upgrades you mentioned, the rest of enhancements to this phone are so insignificant and worthless that all it ends up feeling like is a larger & faster S3. I mean...is that supposed to blow me away?

    danoffset: The lack of innovation on Samsung's part to release a proper upgrade to an incredible smartphone should speak for itself. It's a shame that there will be plenty out there who will be impressed enough to lock themselves into another 2 year contract or pay upwards of $650 for nothing more than a beefed up S3 that can give them a crude measure of their heart rate and recognize their finger prints. Forgive me if a mere 2nd rendition of a tried and true concept from 2 years ago fails to meet my expectations and rock my world.
  5. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    If you hold down the open apps button (the menu button on the gs3), it will bring up the menu just like the gs3 did (whenever you are in an app)...
  6. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member

    The button change actually brings it more in line with a stock android device (e.g. Nexus)

    I'm with you on the apps on the lockscreen thing. I don't understand why they removed it.

    I think in general, much of the apathy about the phone is because in the last 5 or so years there have been giant leaps in mobile tech, but we're kind of getting near the point that there are no big leaps to be made, changes are going to be smaller, more iterative.
  7. Carpe Nocturnal

    Carpe Nocturnal Well-Known Member

    I am upgrading from a S3 to an S5, if it were just for the camera alone, I am very disappointed with the picture quality from my S3 and very poor battery life. I do have large hands so it will be better in that regard as well.

  8. lesham

    lesham New Member

    I just went from a S3 to the S5. I was always able to be talking to someone on the phone while I looked up information for them on the internet on my S3. I've just had the S5 a few days and today tried to do that and a message came up and said I couldn't get online while on the phone. I've been to three Sprint stores and all I'm getting is you have to be on 4g to be able to do that and that it was the same with the S3. Not true. Help! I need this for my business. Should I just go back to my S3?
  9. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    Apparently Sprint Spark killed the simultaneous voice and data feature. So any Sprint phone with Spark will no longer work that way. I'm not sure if they discovered a fix at XDA for this.
  10. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    nova launcher solves some of your concerns
  11. lesham

    lesham New Member

    Thank you for your help. You were quite right, any of the Sprint phones that are Spark phones cannot do simultaneous voice and data. So Gs4 and Gs5 are in that category. I took the 5 back and got the Note 3. So far so good.
  12. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    There you go... I went from a S3 to S5... huge improvement...
  13. ec34500

    ec34500 Well-Known Member

    Going from my s3 that was getting quite old and laggy, I couldn't be happier with the s5. Most of the things you don't like are subtle changes that can be fixed with downloading certain apps. I use swype so I never used samsungs keyboard, I also use chrome instead of the stock browser. I love the s5 and couldn't be happier with the switch! It's different than the s3 but that's to be expected. I too was highly impressed when I first bought my s3, but the s5 impressed me just as much -- however I was ready for a change and for the s5
  14. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    MetroPOS... if you hate it so much, take it back!
    You have a 30 window to take it back. Why pay all that money if you don't like it. ;)
  15. Trinitylestat

    Trinitylestat Member

    I actually LOVE the S5. I have found no such issues with any of the above. Go back to the S3 mate!
  16. Bittsen

    Bittsen Active Member

    I am also from the S3 and I hate the S5.
    It's not the bulkier size as my eyes aren't young anymore. It's the way the phone is set up. It's Google'd beyond reason.

    I liked the way my S3 still felt like MY phone. THe S5 feels like Google's phone that they let me use.

    I can't use GoSMS and send or receive messages with pictures if I'm on WiFi. I thought it was GoSMS but it's the same with the stock messenger.
    I added a custom notification and it loops instead of ringing one time.
    The voice commands that Samsung got us addicted to with the S3 are gone with the S5.
    The camera isn't easy to use anymore. Try to find the flash icon. It's buried in a menu.
    Take a dusk shot and it takes a full 6-10 seconds for the picture to "finalize" and you still end up with a blurry picture.

    There's just so much more.

    All in all, Samsung should fix all this or it will be the LAST Samsung product I buy.
  17. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I think you need to stay with your S3. The S5 is too advanced for you.

    The ONLY thing I will say I liked better is the S3 was a better looking phone and fit the hand better. Other than that, the S5 blows it away. Period.
    I still have my S3 and use it for different things where I don't need to go online, my wife has the iPhones 5s.
  18. Bittsen

    Bittsen Active Member


    Please, pray tell, tell me what's advanced about the S5 aside from processor speed and battery life?

    And "advanced" phone would have all the new features and retain the older ones that suited a million users for a couple years.
  19. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I lost a few of the features I enjoyed as well.
    Specifically, making any one of six screens the Home Screen. Was simple with the 'S' model, now it seems to be gone.
  20. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    You have no idea how advanced do you?:confused:
    There is enough in there if you dig that would take you a week to figure it all out.

    The older S series were more suited for folks like you that wanted simpler. ;)
    You need to read this, called the "easy mode"
    How to Enable Easy Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

    Here a a "few" samples:

    First you have to really dig in the menu... such as going to the Developers section in settings where there are really advance stuff. Have you looked in Settings and see all the stuff in there? Each one you click there are even more stuff in there too.


    There is a LOT more than that... I'm just touching the surface. I think AZ else where said it best:
  21. nicholb

    nicholb Well-Known Member

    Long press any empty spot. Tap the little home icon on the top of the screen you want as the home screen.
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  22. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Well SumBitch, here I erroneously thought that was an "arrow" indicating I should drag that screen "up to the trash can"..... which you can do very easily.... poof! the whole screen is gone....

    Thanks go to you nicholb :D
  23. Hmm, I really like my s5. Personal preference I guess.
  24. G8pcw

    G8pcw Member

    I went from an S3 to an S5 and am delighted with the upgrade. Huge improvement as far as I'm concerned.

  25. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Me too, no way am I going back to my Galaxy S, or the Nokia that was two years older than that.

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