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  1. linkismyhero

    linkismyhero New Member

    I just got an LG Axis. When I went to watch a video on Google, I got the "complete action using" options, one being the browser and the other option is Youtube. With some videos you have to have Abobe Flash Player which is not available for this make of phone apparently so sometimes you have to use the browser. I accidently chose Youtube as my default instead of clicking Youtube to watch a video so now I do not have the option of watching with the browser. How can I restore this option? The owner's manual is terrible and an unreliable resource, so I figured I would try a forum. Any help would be appreciated. :eek:

  2. p1ayrTh3 Ru13

    p1ayrTh3 Ru13 Well-Known Member

    Go to settings, then applications, then manage apps, then go to youtube and scroll down to clear defaults.

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