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  1. Mzarkz1

    Mzarkz1 New Member

    Hi all. First time user to these forums :) I've had a little browse around and not been able to find anything specific to the problem i am encountering, i do apologise as its probably just me being a complete newbie to this type of phone (HTC Desire).
    Ive not found any specific in depth instructions with my phone so here goes my question...
    I have managed to sync al my email gmail facebook and phone contacts to my handset, I want to put my contacts (mainly phone numbers) into groups so its easier to group SMS people etc, when i try to add contacts to a group it only seems to come up with my Gmail added Email addresses, i have gone into the relevant menu and selected display phone contacts only (or something similar) and re tried but still i am getting just my Gmail addresses as the only option to add to groups. Any help would be greatly appreciated and im sorry if its blurringly obvious! :D

    Regards Mzarkz

  2. Mzarkz1

    Mzarkz1 New Member

    And oops Sorry admin could you please move to relevant forum (HTC Desire?) i could have sworn i selected that one first

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