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Complete backup

  1. HMH

    HMH New Member

    Hello all,

    i've had my htc hero for a couple of months now - i'm a total newbie to the android world. the device i have is the t-mobile G2 touch (UK) and i've got the original ROM installed on it but want to upgrade now to the update that's been available for a few months on the t-mobile website.

    Problem is, i don't know how to backup everything...Contacts is fine because they're all synced to google but i don't know about everything else, particularly, apps, data/settings saved on those apps, SMS, general settings on the phone including the layout of the homescreens.

    I've been looking through the forum for answers but everything isn't clear to me and i don't want to take the risk unless 100% sure. I've heard of Sprite and mybackup, but not sure whether either will do what i want and how. I've downloaded astro filemanager and backed up my apps but i'm not sure how that'll work after i upgrade the ROM.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  2. HMH

    HMH New Member

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