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  1. SyntaxError

    SyntaxError Member

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  2. Marknderm

    Marknderm Well-Known Member

    Yes This worked great for me. thanks for finding this. saved me a whole lot of trouble. I started seeing apps on my phone go missing then when i went back to the market to redownload them it sayed "your device is not compatible" once i did the reload it set everything back to the begining. now I have to decide weather or not to re root my phone....Im not sure if I will... But I do like to do alot of stuff on my phone and rooting is the only way to go. ya, i prob will. lol anyways thanks for posting this...
  3. SyntaxError

    SyntaxError Member

    I also considered not rooting my primary phone, that is until my dsl went out one night and needed wifi. lol
  4. Table83

    Table83 Active Member

    I just want to verify before I go and do something dumb. With this restore if I have rooted my phone it will theoretically restore it to factory default?

    Has anyone actually used this with a rooted phone?

    EDIT - NM I found the answer to my own question

    Thanks for the link

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