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Complete NEWBIE needs firmware upgradeSupport

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  1. xddaver

    xddaver New Member

    Hi. I am really new to this so please be patient with me. I have a galaxy S GT-I9000 which is on firmware 2.2 and build number FROYO.BOJPB. Kernel version (whatever that is) is root@SE-S608 #1

    I want to upgrade the firmware to at least 2.3.4 to make my phone compatible with my car! I haven't got the faintest clue how to go about this so really need an idiot's guide on how to do this ...if I can. I have Samsumg Kies on my home PC and I am sure in the past I have done a firmware upgrade but it no longer gives me that option.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Hope this is in the right place.



  2. Maturecheese

    Maturecheese New Member

    If I were you I'd take it to a phone shop and let them flash it. Obviously you will have to find one in your area that does it but I have noticed that the Asian run shops tend to offer this service. Also CPW do it in some of their shops but their customer service sucks. It should cost no more than

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