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  1. bradmatic

    bradmatic Well-Known Member

    hi kids.

    a while back i bjorked my fascinate, but it wasn't bad enough to warrant any drastic action at the time. however, over time the pains of what i did are showing through. (constant fc's, lock-ups) so, i think it's time to re-install my base os on the phone. is that possible?

    i don't want to simply wipe data.. i want to do the equiv of a format. wipe all data and OS. i realize it's a risky proposition, but is there someone who can point me in the right direction, and i'll assess and see if i have the skills.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    You have not told us if you "borked" the device attempting to root, etc. ;)

    But menu > settings > privacy > factory data reset seems like your best bet.
  3. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    If your rooted take a look at this I think it may head you that way

    How to Restore you Samsung Fascinate to Factory? Nyne Axis
  4. bradmatic

    bradmatic Well-Known Member

    I had successfully rooted.. Got greedy and went for voodoo. That's where the bjorking took place. I was unable to recover from the install. It failed somewhere.. Don't remember where.

    Something to keep in mind.. I unrooted then did the wipe you are talking. When I was rooted I had ad block installed (dont think thats the real name) and was successful blkng ads. Now, unrooted and wiped, ads are still gone. that makes me think there are still parts of the root lingering.
  5. bradmatic

    bradmatic Well-Known Member

    odin only recognizes phone when it's on. will not recognize when its off. any help?
  6. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    Easiest way to check for root is go into terminal--adb shell--su

    Also if you're phone is booting check your internal storage after this voodoo screwup....if you have 0.0 storage then we know what direction to send you in

    If you have 0.0 and still have clockwork recovery installed [HOWTO] Completely Remove Voodoo Lagfix - xda-developers

    You will have to put the kernel and mbr on ur sdcard and run the commands from a terminal in recovery as well as wiping data and cache in a few places

    Once that's done...your best bet is to go back to stock and start over Odin Restore files to get you to stock - xda-developers

    Put your phone in download mode and restore pit/system, kernel and i wouldn't worry about cwr but it can't hurt to repush it

    Adryn also has a total dio1 package if you want to go that route

    This is all assuming ur on dio1 and it was old voodoo you had.
  7. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    It has to be in download mode....battery pull hold volume down and plug in usb cord

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