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Complete Restore to Original ICSSupport

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  1. lavapit

    lavapit New Member

    Purchased a Pantech Burst and upgraded to ICS. Then Rooted phone. Removed a few applications and now there is an app that is not working correctly. Is there a way to get the phone back to the original state of when I just loaded ICS? I tried doing the same steps as I performed when I upgraded to ICS but that does not seem to do it as the optional applications I installed are still showing. I thought it would wipe everything and then re-install but I guess not. If someone could help me get back to the original state it would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. lavapit

    lavapit New Member

    Thanks for the help. Figured it out and works great.
  3. rajb12

    rajb12 New Member

    So I got a Pantech Burst, with AT&T bloatware on ICS 4.04, and followed the instructions above to root it. Kernel ver is 3.0.8-perf, build # IMM76I

    Unfortunately, after rooting, I was removing the AT&T stuff and I may have accidentally deleted something to do with Contacts (I still see the APK file) - so now Contacts does not open, and is not allowing my dialer to open. I can sync gmail, but syncing to Contacts in gmail or Exchange gives an error (Sync is not available etc.) and I get the standard "Unfortunately Contacts has stopped" on the dialer.

    I tried to go back to stock, by using the Pantech upgrade to ICS tool, but it says I am on the latest version and does not give an option to re-install.


    1. Can I fix the Contacts? If not, is there a way to trick teh version number, so that I can re-install stock? Will that re-install the file I may have deleted?

    2. I saw the post above for reducing the data speed to 2G using Widgetsoid - I downloaded it, but don't see any menu with widgets in it (the screen shots above don't match the latest one I just got from Play). When I open the Apps folder on the Pantech, I get 5 screens of installed app, but there is no tab for widgets.

    Any help (urgently needed) would be appreciated. Am at work, so email would be quicker: rajbhandari at gmail. Thanks again!

  4. alenhoff

    alenhoff Member

    you can find files pertaining to returning to stock, be it gb or ics, as well as cyanogenmod is being developed there as well and there is a beta release that is usable at the moment.

    the link to my site is in my signature. DevsNest Developments |

    i have been messaged numerous times on how to return to stock or fix things and I've got enough developers on my site to actually help people out with there problems concerning the pantech burst.

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