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  1. j.andrew

    j.andrew Member

    what are the settings do you have to change in order to completely stop any data connection? I have an unlimited data plan so I don't care now that there is a lot of apps using my connection, but going overseas soon, the roaming charges are really expensive.

    I found some settings (like sync) that I can configure not to use data connection but I am not sure if these are all.

  2. dr-beast

    dr-beast Member

    i use a widget called APN OnOff by CurveFish from the market, it will turn data connection on or off
    i hope it's what you're looking for
  3. Urko

    Urko New Member

    I am using quick settings app, it does the job for me
  4. blonkster

    blonkster Well-Known Member

    Look under settings -> wireless and networks ->mobile networks and ensure 'data roaming' is unticked. You should still be able to use wifi. I was told this by Orange too.

    This is what I intend to do later in the year, so if anyone who has already doen so can confirm it works, it will make us both happy :)
  5. iwat

    iwat Member

    try the "extend control" from market
  6. jimatr

    jimatr Active Member

    I've been to Europe twice now with the SGS and ensuring "Data Roaming Connect to data services when roaming" is unticked does the job. No charges and no other apps to install. Wi-fi is unaffected when you need it.
  7. psychocandy

    psychocandy Well-Known Member

    So to confirm if data roaming is unticked it wont use any data if ur out of the country?

    How do u disable phone completely if ur out of the country but still have wireless active? Aeroplane mode or does this kill wifi?
  8. virgopunk

    virgopunk Member

  9. nagwanidheeraj

    nagwanidheeraj New Member

    Or, you could also do this -

    1. Open the phone dialer.
    2. Dial *#*#4636#*#* (4636 = info)
    3. Menu > More > Disable Data Connection

    The APN On/Off widget does the same thing.
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  10. ddgman2001

    ddgman2001 New Member

    Data roaming is un-ticked on my phone however I was still able to access the internet via 3G when I was travelling within the country (Canada) this month. Does that sound right? I head to China in a couple of days and want to make sure I haven't missed something.
  11. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    hold the power button, press on data network mode
    that turned off 3G for me

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