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Completly stuck :(!Support

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  1. fawkos

    fawkos New Member

    My mother handed me her Samsung Spica i5700 yesterday saying that she has forgotten the password, after trying to guess it for a while it wouldnt let her anymore then it started asking her for an email. Anyway she cannot remember the email so I was looking around on google and android sites how to hard reset it or whatever. I tried all these different key combos which in the end let me putting the phone into a boot loop :mad:! After trying for the last 5 hours im no further forward, infact instead of just being locked out it's now bootlooped and i cant access it, any help what so ever would be apreciated!

  2. rahulvittal

    rahulvittal Well-Known Member

    What combination of keys did you press to hard reset?
  3. fawkos

    fawkos New Member

    I rally cant remember I tried so many, something like up volume rocker button, web button and home button, maybe more not 100%
    thankd for reply

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