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Computer does not recognize Razor. Any ideas

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  1. gman4608

    gman4608 New Member

    Trying to recover deleted pictures however my computer will not recognize my RAZR it has internal memory card. Any ideas

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    Welcome gman4608 to AF :hello:. When you plug your RAZR into your PC you should have some options as how your phone is seen MTP, Camera and I think mass storage. If you go through each one you should have a drive named MOT show up that will be your internal memory. Look for a folder named DCIM and that is where you pictures are stored if your deleted photos are on your phone they should be there.

    I know this is to late but you might consider a dropbox account, sugarsync account or something similar as they will automatically upload your photos to a cloud storage. I mentioned both of these accounts because they are free with different amounts of storage available.

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