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Computer won't recognize BionicSupport

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  1. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Active Member

    When I plug my Bionic into my computer, it just starts to charge immediately. The computer never recognizes it as a new device. The phone reacts no different than if I plug it into the wall charger.

    I need to connect it so I can Un-Root.

    What should I do?

  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

  3. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Active Member

    The problem is, the phone reacts EXACTLY the same way as if I plugged it into the wall charger. Nothing shows up in the notification bar like it should, despite it being plugged in to USB. Nothing new shows up in the windows device window either. The phone is charging though. I have tried different USB Ports.

    I did the soft reset with no success.

    I have rooted my Bionic but haven't done anything unusual to it. I have a couple root only apps like Titanium and SQlite but haven't tinkered with anything.
  4. amageus

    amageus Well-Known Member

    Have you ensured that USB Debugging is on? Settings > Applications > Development. There are many of us who know what we are doing but we tend to have memory lapses. I know I have done the same thing you have and I sat there for 30 mins going duh... before finding out that I didn't have USB Debugging on.
  5. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Did you use the USB cable that came with your Bionic?

    Did the setting in the previousa message solve it already?

    ... Thom
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  6. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Active Member

    Somehow, I have no clue how (because I know for a fact I turned it on yesterday) it was off. I turned it on, my computer said it couldn't recognize the device (Although it did recognize that something was plugged in, which is a start) and then everything went back to being the way it was before. It's acting as if it's plugged into the wall.

    I have turned USB debugging off and back on and can't get my computer to give me the error again, like it did before.

    So right now my computer is acting like nothing is even plugged in to it.
  7. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Active Member



    I just looked, apparently the one that is plugged into the computer is from my GF's LG Cosmos 2, I had no clue!

    Mine is usually plugged in so I never even considered it was the wrong one, especially since at 1st glance they look the same.

    Question though, if her USB cable fits into my phone and into the computer, why won't it work?
  8. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    First things first ... did it work? Do you see both drives when you are on the Computer screen?

    I believe there is an additional conductor in the newer cables but I wouldn't stake my life on it.

    I use the USB cable that came with my Bionic to connect to the wall charger or USB tether. I use the USB cable that came with my DROID X docking station 1.5 years ago to connect to my workstation.

    ... Thom
  9. bkleinkn

    bkleinkn Active Member

    I'm not sure. I have never had a problem with my Bionic cable before, so I am assuming it will work... Once I find out where the heck it is lol
  10. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Please let us know.

    It might be something else ... like ... bad USB socket on your Bionic ... broken connector ...

    ... Thom
  11. amageus

    amageus Well-Known Member

    Not all USB cables that are supplied with phones are the same. Each phone has a different power draw and as far as we know the pin layout on the USB could be different. It's always good to go back to the original cable. Some other cables may work and some may not. I know for a fact that my phone charges via my sister's charger but that doesn't mean it's going to work on the computer. I never tried. I just use it to charge my phone. I do use my cable that came from my OG Droid. But then again it's the same manufacturer and the pin layouts could remain the same. I have a charger for my bluetooth headset that has the same usb but it doesnt charge my phone.

    Let's take a look at the iPhone/iTouch. The connectors are the same. And yes it's made by the same manufacturer. But something about the newer phones/itouch have different power draws. Older devices will work on newer connectors but newer devices will not work on older connectors. I have read the newer phones have an extra pin or something that give it a different draw and that the older connectors don't have. Therefore they will not charge. I have tested this and it's true.
  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    microUSB cables come in two flavors - charge only and charge+data. ;)
  13. Ranger75th911

    Ranger75th911 New Member

    I have have used the same USB cord for my samsung charge and my g/f's thunderbolt. I got a droid bionic today as a swap for my samsung charge from Verizon and it will not sync to my computer. I enabled debugging and still wont work. Tried a master reset and still no go. I even went to motorola and downloaded the driver helper and still wont work. There is no drop down menu allowing me to have a option to connect it as a mass storage or charge only, it just only charges when plugged into my computer. I have read the other forums and tried to resetting of the sd card and also internal storage and still nothing. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I can not believe that the bionic needs a specific cord in order to sync with the computer, but Verizon has one coming to me on Monday so worse case I will see then.
  14. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    When I plug in the USB cord ... the workstation signals a new device ... the notification bar on the Bionic says USB connection and then displays a network-like icon. I can then slide down the notification and open the USB connection entry containing the connection types. You probably want USB Mass Storage.

    You can also call the Notifications display by selecting Settings | Notifications.

    Yes ... you need one of the newer cables ... like the one that came with your Bionic (I also use one that came with my Droid X docking station 1+ year ago.)

    You are the second person who has a girlfriend with a Samsung and a Samsung-supplied cable that does not work with the Bionic.

    Since you have time on your hands ... you could take it to a Verizon store and verify that it does connect to their PC using their USB cable. (It is a long shot but maybe the socket in your Bionic is bad.)

    You could also try the existing cable in other USB ports. A USB port on the main computer as opposed to one coming out of some other device.

    Solved with an OEM cable is my guess.

    ... Thom
  15. Ranger75th911

    Ranger75th911 New Member

    The cable I have is a universal that was supplied to me brand new when Verizon took me out of the thunderbolt and put my into the samsung charge. Like I had stated there is no drop down menu to select a storage like I had on my Samsung Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid X, or Motorola Droid. I know I saw someone else on another thread that stated it wouldn't even work with the cord that came with the Motorola Bionic. I guess I will wait until Monday to see if for some reason the universal cord doesn't work with the Bionic, if not when I do get it resolved I will post it so others may have something else to try. I love the phone so far other then this issue.......My laptop is brand new and the USB ports work with my IPod and other accessories, I even hooked my Samsung back up when I had this problem and it worked so either my USB port on my Bionic like you suggested might have a problem or maybe there is something to these newer Motorola phones not working with universal cables....I still don't get why it would charge if there was a issue with the USB port on the phone but obviously stranger things have happened and I am willing to take it to Verizon Monday if it isn't the cord.
  16. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I don't know what a Universal Cable is.

    When you got the box from Verizon it contained a Bionic in a little tray and under that there was a charger and a USB cable. That is the cable to use. It is fairly short. Get it working with that and then experiment. If you didn't get a cable and charger with your Bionic contact Verizon and find out why not.

    Take a look at the Users Guide that came with your Bionic. They are very specific that you should use the charger and USB cable that came with it.

    If you can ... try it at the store with an OEM cable. You would then know that it works and you can then vary whatever you choose to do from there.

    Good luck.

    ... Thom
  17. rdsok

    rdsok Well-Known Member

    USB cables are simple... they contain 4 conductors only. Two are power only, 5v + and ground... then two are data + and - lines. As far as our phones go... that means there are two cables you can use... a charge only cable or a cable with all of the wires and can support both charging and data.

    As with any product... there are different levels of quality available even with cables. Motorola simply recommend using only their cables ( and chargers ) because they know for a fact they are quality products that meet their quality control standards.

    Using a cheap cable... you can't be certain if the conductors will carry enough current... nor if their connectors make a good connection consistantly. This is even more important of an issue when talking about chargers...

    So by using the OEM cable... you know you should have a good one to test with. Of course, even good products can go bad... it is just less likely to happen than with a cheap product.
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  18. Ranger75th911

    Ranger75th911 New Member

    RDSOK and Thom, it is a Motorola Universal USB wall charger, so it has the USB wire obviously. The charger is 3 and a half months old and has no problem connecting the HTC Thunderbolt or Samsung Charge the first time everytime thats why I didn't see a problem with why it wouldn't work with the Motorola Bionic........Verizon just sent me the Bionic today to replace the Samsung under warranty since I was having dead air calls. And as all refurbished phones that come from Verizon it came with no user manual and no cords. It came by itself and a new battery and new back were sent separate. Verizon could not even explain why it would not connect to my laptop, when I explained to them that I could sync the Charge and the Thunderbolt using my USB cord. Their only thing was take it into a store which the nearest is 30 miles away or wait until Monday and they would send the cord that would come with the Bionic if I had got it new. Though in another thread on this forum a person says they are having the same issue "charging only with no USB drop down connection menu" when connected to their laptop using the cable that came with their Bionic. SO with that said I am wondering if it is not just the actual phone itself, but I will wait for the cord until Monday and see if that resolves the issue and if not I will go to Verizon..........I appreciate your responses though very much, thank you..........I've been through 5 thunderbolts from April when I got it brand new, until September because of power cycling issues and various other things. From September until December I went through 4 Samsung Charges for dead air calls, power cycling, and phone just locking up. So if this is the biggest concern I have to deal with when it comes to the Bionic than it is no sweat cause I can still use the phone for everything, just a pain when I want to transfer pictures and such but I can do the old school method of emailing the things to myself.
  19. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    The idea was to remove as many variables as possible.

    The Bionic comes with a wall charger and USB cable. I Goggled Universal charger and it is not helpful. I don't know what you are using.

    The manual is available at ... Download: Motorola DROID Bionic User Guide – Droid Life.

    You have had an absurdly large number of exchanges. Is there perhaps another Verizon store in the area that you could deal with?

    If it was me, I would drive the 30 miles and get my phone checked out on a USB cable connected to a computer in the store. I would then take THAT USB cable home with me with the assurance that two of the three pieces of the puzzle fit together.

    When home I would plug it into my computer.

    Some recommendations say to use a USB port in the back of the computer and not one one a front panel or secondary device.

    Mine works fine connected from a monitor outlet. Maybe I am lucky.

    Let us know how it works out for you.

    Good luck.

    ... Thom
  20. rdsok

    rdsok Well-Known Member


    I was simply explaining that Motorola was making the recommendation to use the ( normally ) supplied cords and chargers based on quality reasons only... technically they are no different than any other compatible cords or chargers. It was starting to appear from the posts being made that the Motorola versions were special or different... and they aren't, they are simply a known quality level and that is all.
  21. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    It does not matter - use the cables supplied by Motorola with the BIONIC - too many people have reported too many inconsistencies with using any other cable, including standard USB cables, USB cables for older Motorola phones, Wall chargers for older Motorola phone,s and car chargers for older Motorola phones, along with standard wall and car chargers too.

    If you did not get any cables with the phone go back to VZW and demand the rest of the accessories that come with the phone (genuine wall charger and cable, at the very least).
  22. Ranger75th911

    Ranger75th911 New Member

    RDSOK, I may have come off wrong and I am sorry for that I was responding to you and Thom both and didn't mean to sound rude. When Verizon takes you out of one phone and puts you in another they never seem to realize that phones come with specific cords for a reason. I called them and they sent me out a free Universal USB cord, it didn't work. So I drove to the store and they gave me the whole charger that came with the Bionic and it worked. The Bionic I found out does require more power which is why you need that cord, and previous phones have not used as much power when connected so they can use the Universal cords. It's kinda like how some USB DVD burners require you to have 2 USB plugs plugged in when burning but not just to power the burner.....So in my experience make sure that it is the actual Bionic Cable if you are having problems with no drop down USB connections or if you get a error message when you plug it into your computer.
  23. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    That is great news that it is now working for you. You now have the equipment and the link to the Users Guide is in a previous message.

    We all know how superficially stupid the concept sounds but as you state it "So in my experience make sure that it is the actual Bionic Cable".

    ... Thom
  24. rdsok

    rdsok Well-Known Member


    I wasn't offended nor did I feel you were rude in any way... With forums, it is best to explain what you are saying so whatever point or info you have is understood... that is the way I took your post and hopefully how you took mine...

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