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  1. jj5959

    jj5959 New Member

    I'm trying to update my phone(galaxy s2 skyrocket) using Kies. When i plug in my phone via USB, however, the computer doesn't recognize it at all. My phone charges, but that's it. Kies doesn't recognize it, computer doesn't acknowledge i plugged it in, and i don't get that little USB notification on my phone.

    So far, all i've tried is restarting kies, my phone, and my computer. but that didn't help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. jj5959

    jj5959 New Member

    Alright, i fixed the problem. If this happens to anyone else, it might be an easier fix than you think.

    Turns out the USB cable I had was an at&t cable and only charges the phone, but doesn't connect it to USB. That's some bullshit, but I got my dad's official galaxy USB cable and it worked.
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  3. davidlb512

    davidlb512 Active Member

    Good job on figuring out the fix! What were up upgrading to?
  4. mikalji

    mikalji New Member

    I tried also using the original cabel that came with my phone and still no joy.

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