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  1. enoch2012

    enoch2012 New Member

    Need some help despertly! Here's the situation I have a laptop with windows 7 and at one point I was able to connect my epic 4g to the computer using mass storage with no problems. Now the computer will not recognize my phone. Two things happened that maybe effected this process. I did the android 2.1 update and also I put sme vids on my friends phone using my computer (he has the droid phone). After those two things it just won't recognize it. I tried turning them both off and on, tried using every usb port I have, I reinstalled the drivers and finally I left it hooked up for 10 minutes and restarted per some post I saw and nothing has worked.

    Please anyone that has the fix let me know I am borderline depressed over this tragic turn of events.


  2. droid newb

    droid newb Well-Known Member

    menu > settings > applications > development > uncheck "usb debugging"

    Try that. If it doesn't work try reinstalling the drivers, uncheck "usb debugging" and plug it in again.

    I had the same issue and this is what ultimately worked for me. I have a Windows 7, 64 bit laptop.
  3. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    What he said plus try another usb cable. Stock cables have been crapping out on data transfers like you wouldnt believe. Thats how i fixed my connection issues.

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