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Confidential Sched/Contact App for psychologist?

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  1. Noocyte

    Noocyte New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 8, 2010
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    I am a psychologist who has been using a Samsung Instinct (grr. arrgh.) and a Palm TX (call me Thag). The latter has the advantage that I can individually mark entries in sched and contacts as "Private" and mask them unless I enter a password (so if my device is lost, some lucky stranger can't have access to my whole case-load!).

    Nothing would please me more than to load an app onto my HTC Evo in June which will dodo my clunky, two-device setup. Is there an off-line (i.e., not confidentiality-endangeringly synched with Google Calendar or somesuch), integrated contact/appointment app ("integrated" meaning that I could tap a name on my appointment book, and call up their contact page, so I could call/email/text them), which would enable me to protect/mask individual entries without having to lock the whole device (and so have to enter a password every time I turn it on)?

    If not, are there any developers out there who'd like to make a shrink's day? :)

    (This is a parenthetical sentence whose sole purpose is to poke fun at the sheer number of parenthetical phrases in this post).


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