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Configuring xScope Browser to get best tab browsing experiece? (Browse All)

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  1. xScope

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    Developer of xScope browser here. I bought the tab. Absolutely loving it! I did notice a few things to make tab browsing more enjoy:

    1. Under Look & Feel, check 'Show tabs'. No need to hide it because the tab has so much more screen estate. People who are saying the tab is just a large phone are absolutely wrong!

    2. Make sure 'Control bar location' = bottom. It is just awkward to access any buttons on top of screen. Much easier on bottom.

    3. User agent: You can set it to iPad. But I still like it to be android.

    4. Here are the things should be changed under 'Event Handlings':
    a. Active tab clik: = close tab​
    a. URL box click: = new URL

    Overall, the browser scales perfectly and beyond my expectation. Job well done at Samsung! I did find a few popular apps didn't scale well. But I can tell from a developer's perspective that they are largely due to poor implementation. The tab is a wonder device!

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