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Confirmed by Samsung for all carriers by mid-NovemberGeneral

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  1. smittysmitt3434

    smittysmitt3434 Well-Known Member

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  2. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

  3. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    Great, now I just need the UK date :)
  4. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

  5. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

    I need Asia date lol
  6. Nobby Sheep

    Nobby Sheep Well-Known Member

    Me too.

    Keeping an eye on Clove who say 28th September and Handtec who say 1st October.

    My existing contract isn't up till the beginning of November, but no harm in overlapping for a week or two. :)
  7. BigPeanutHead

    BigPeanutHead Well-Known Member

    Yea ive pre ordered from unlocked mobiles and they said to me on the phone that the first batch could arrive before the end of this month. I have a horrible feeling with todays November announcement for the US it might be a few months off.

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