Confused about reading battery stats

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  1. ChrisB12

    ChrisB12 Member

    I've had my Nexus S for 2 weeks and I have never really understood the battery stats. I read lots of complaints about battery life, though mine seems to be ok. Not great, but certainly better than my Samsung G-Touch (piece of junk). I charged my phone fully this morning, but in just 30 minutes (1 phone call, 4 texts, read one webpage), I am down to 90%. That bugs me but it's not the main issue right now. When I read my battery stats, it says 53 minutes, 9 seconds on battery? Surely my battery will not go dead in less than 1 hour? What does this mean?

  2. MaypepNecro

    MaypepNecro Member

    this is battery uptime, not remaining time this means in 1 hour it got to 90%, also my battery is better in ics than 2.3.6
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  3. ChrisB12

    ChrisB12 Member

    Forgot to turn on email notifications, missed this post!

    Thanks for the reply. That makes much more sense than what I originally thought :)

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