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Confusion with SD cards (for EVO Shift)Accessories

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  1. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    Just went to Frys to purchase an 16 gb sd card. One guy said they are all the same -just go for lowest price..Another said "class 10" is the best because its the fastest. He Recommended Wintec "Mobile Professional" 16gb class 10 (cost about $32) .
    When I went on newegg.com and looked up the reviews, several people said they had problems of all sorts with wintec-don't buy their products.
    When you check out Sandisk a more well known company, they seem to only have class 2. Is this really important if I don't intent to store alot of photos? I want 16 gb mainly for music.
    Does anyone have any comments pro or con about wintec?or should I go with Sandisk-for 25% higher price? (Some reviewers even said that Wintec ruined their phone)

  2. GR8BigCheese

    GR8BigCheese Member

    I contacted HTC and they said they have no recommendation on speed so I did a little experiment. I shot some 720p video and found that it only took 1MB/second of video so that is half the capacity of a Class2 card so you should be safe as other uses should require far less speed than video.
  3. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    Class 2 is what comes with the phone. Going higher can't hurt, but it doesn't offer any real advantage.
  4. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    Yeah But I'm more concerned on the brand Wintec. On one websight people said in the reviews that wintec messed up their smart phone and I want to know if anyone else had any experiences with Wintec.
  5. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    I don't have any experience with them. I try to stick with Sandisk or Kingston. Never had a problem with those.
  6. jdmckay

    jdmckay Active Member

    Ok, thoroughly confused.

    Sandisk seems to be failing on numerous reviews on Amazon around 60 days after purchase, after the warranty.

    I'm thinking 16 GB class 6.


    I see that there is a class 10 out there. Would that work?

    Hold out for a 32 GB, would it work?
    I'm not rooting at this point. I'm a music and photo fan.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  7. prosan98

    prosan98 Active Member

    Obviously, this is way old, but the research I did when I got a tablet last month said the Class 10 is BS- no real advantage to going over 6. I went with a Transcend 16GB Class 4, and it works fine.

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