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Connect BT for phone but not audio?Support

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  1. n8nagel

    n8nagel Member

    Hi all,

    is there any way to set my phone by default to not connect to the head unit in my vehicle for BT Audio but go ahead and connect for phone? Reason I ask is quite often I will either be listening to the radio or music saved on a USB thumb drive and I also will be running Trapster or Waze and would like to hear the audio from the phone, easiest way to accomplish that is to just not connect to the HU and let the phone play that audio through its own speaker. I have tried disabling the streaming audio in connections, but the next time I get in the vehicle it connects again. I am using the Moto car dock and Car Home Ultra if it makes any difference. Thanks for any advice.

  2. n8nagel

    n8nagel Member

    well, since Sandy has apparently given me a day off work I've been alternately cleaning the house and taking care of little things that I should have been doing but never seemed to have time to do... I got on Motorola's support web site and was chatting with "Claire" (odd that she has the same name as Sprint's annoying automated CSR) apparently I cannot do what I want to do automatically, if I want to run Trapster but listen to the radio I apparently have to go in and manually uncheck "media audio" every time I get in my Jeep. (JVC KD-AHD75BT head unit, which I pretty much love. The only drawback to it is the small display and consequent difficulty of navigating the masses of .mp3s that I have connected to it with a thumb drive, but I think that that's typical of any HU that isn't a new one with a big GPS-sized screen.)

    This is one instance where the semi-archaic technology in my Bimmer is saving me, because it does not support streaming audio my Photon works perfectly in that car out of the box! (but it will only connect to one phone at a time, whether it's my personal phone or my work phone is a crapshoot. If I want to carry both phones I need to keep my headset, which is annoying.)

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