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Connect Galaxy Tab 7.7 to Ubuntu 12.04 via USBSupport

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  1. ridz1ba

    ridz1ba Member

    I am having problems in connecting the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to an Ubuntu 12.04 Linux based PC via a USB cable. Every time I connect the tablet to Ubuntu, I get a message saying "Unable to mount Android; Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device" The peculiar part is that I get 2 additional windows pop up - one for the P6800 itself and the other is the P6800's external SD card - but I cannot browse any files at all - in fact, I cannot carry out any file operations at all.

    Searching the web, I found suggestions like making sure that 'mtpfs' and 'mtp-tools' packages are installed - they are but nothing works. The only way I can transfer files between the P6800 and Ubuntu is via Bluetooth - which is very, very slow!

    BTW, I did connect up my Acer A500 tablet via USB - and it works just fine. I can transfer files back and forth without any problems. So it's just the Galaxy Tab that is giving me the problem.

    Anyone here using the Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Ubuntu 12.04? Do you face the same problems? Any tips?

  2. ridz1ba

    ridz1ba Member

    I know, I know - replying to your own post is bad....

    For the benefit of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 owners who uses an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (or Linux Mint 13) PC and wishes to transfer files between these two, I am listing several possible solutions here. FYI, using USB is totally out of the question - IT WILL NOT WORK! - at least for the moment, that is, until Samsung or Canonical does something about it.

    The possible solutions (and comments) are:

    a) remove SD card from Samsung, plug it into a card reader recognized by Ubuntu 12.04 and move/copy the files (Comment: very 'fussy' and clumsy).

    b) use Bluetooth to move/copy files (Comment: very slow).

    c) use the Airdroid utility to move/copy files (Comment: OK but fails sometimes).

    d) use the 'FTP Server' utility to move/copy files (Comment: fast - best solution so far).

    Note that the 'Airdroid' and 'FTP Server' utilities can be downloaded & installed from Google Market (or Google Play as it is called now). They are both free apps - so they are extremely good value for the (zero) money. :)

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