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Connect infuse to flash drive??Tips

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  1. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    When i first opened the infuse box i thought the hdmi adapter was a flash drive connector until i read what it was... I have yet to use it.. But a flash drive connector i would use very regularly... Is there such an thing out there??

  2. k_semler

    k_semler Active Member

  3. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

  4. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Thas the same darn thing u get in the box except its a longer cord?¿
  5. k_semler

    k_semler Active Member

    The one that comes in the box is a Micro USB to HDMI adapter. (enables you to play video from your phone on your TV)
  6. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    No... I mentioned that in my post... It looks like a usb hookup but its hdmi...
  7. k_semler

    k_semler Active Member

    Did you get the adapter yet, and does it work on your Infuse?
  8. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    Not yet... Ill fill u in when i do...
  9. Oklated

    Oklated New Member

    I just bought this adapter and installed the USB Host Controller app on my Samsung Infuse, only to get this message:

    S3C USB Host driver NOT found.
    Root hub is not present, USB Host mode not active or not available.

    I am assuming this means I have to root my phone in order for this to work. Otherwise, my File Manager does not see a thumb drive attached to the adapter. I don't want to root my phone while it is still under warranty, but may have to try once that period has passed.
  10. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Apparently some of the newer phones have USB host capabilities.
    Determine Your Phone’s USB Host Capabilities With USB Host Diagnostics – xda-developers

    Here is a tool which is supposed to tell if your phone has that capability. Google play says the tool is incompatible wiht Samsung Infuse, which doesn't tell us anything by itself.


    Anyway, my guess is this is newer high-end feature, not on the Infuse.
  11. Oklated

    Oklated New Member

    I just installed the USB Host Diagnostics tool and ran it as directed. It gave me the details on my phone alright, but the results of of all the tests came up either No or N/A. Thanks, this seems to confirm that my Infuse does not have USB Host support. Maybe on my next phone, but that upgrade's a year away.

    I appreciate the assistance.

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