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  1. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    I have utilities that I like to use to backup my phone, but none of the will work the way the Nexus shows up on a Windows 7 Machine.

    How can I just get the internal storage to show up as a drive letter?

  2. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    first i would go here and make sure you have the right drivers installed

    make sure you camera has USB Debugging on... that guide i believe also tells you to turn it on,.
  3. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    My drivers seem to work fine. This seems so strange to me that that I can't get a drive letter out of this. Debugging is on.

    This is all I get.
  4. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    Is it supposed to get a drive letter? I'm not sure it does that for MTP/PTP devices...

    I'm on winXP, and I don't get a drive letter.
  5. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    This is totally mind boggling to me? I can't setup any utilities to back my phone up now. No programs like the format: "Computer\Galaxy Nexus\Internal Storage", this really sucks.
  6. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    See sig. It won't be a drive letter, and in my experience, just dragging the folder to your computer fails every single time.
  7. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    Apparently, this is not an easy fix. So, how about this, as an IT guy, I use utilities to do my file copies, this way if one fails, or I'm promoted for anything, the copy continues with out my intervention.
    Now, how is anyone expected to backup their phone if you can't use any of these utilities? Drag an drop, "Manually" is just pathetic.
    Is there something out there that I'm not aware off? And yes, I know about TT Backup, but we shouldn't have to root a phone to back it up.
  8. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    Dropbox and a copy utility on your phone would do what you want and have the advantage of not having to plug in your phone to back-up the files you want.
  9. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess I'm turning to the cloud. I already use a service similar to Dropbox called, "SugarSync". In my opinion, more features than dropbox. Guess I'll play with it today.
  10. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    Yeah it drives me crazy I can't mount the content as a drive letter. :(
  11. giorg1978

    giorg1978 New Member

    Any real solutions to this yet guys? We are many with the same problem.
    I have the same disk configuration as "TheSuperman" user and programs from my computer cannot see the Galaxy nexus drive.
  12. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member


    If you see this in the "My Computer" (XP) or "Computer" (Vista or 7) window, then its functioning entirely as intended. It will never appear as a normal flash drive because the Galaxy Nexus uses a different filesystem that isn't compatible with Windows (which is why there is no "USB Mass Storage" mode). As such, if the program needs the drive letter, it won't work.

    If you aren't even seeing that, then there are some driver issues.
  13. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't know, for me, I have no desire to constantly plug and unplug my phone. I wish I had a charging pad so I wouldn't need wires to charge. I think that there are plenty of ways to get content to your PC wirelessly.

    As mentioned, there are a number of cloud services like Box, dropbox, and even google drive... and they can even be set up to sync automatically if you don't want to push files around.

    Another alternative, and the one I use for direct access, is Airdroid. Assuming you have a WiFi connection, just turn on Airdroid and setup a bookmark for the IP address given and you've got file manager type access on your screen. You can upload and download to your heart's content.

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