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  1. MuskMan

    MuskMan New Member

    I have my Ascend flashed and running Icarus 1.1

    I want to be able to connect to an Ad Hoc network. I was able to get Tether to work for creating a network but I need to be able to connect to other Ad Hoc networks.

    I have it working on my Next7P Tablet with Doc's ROM but I cannot get the same result on the Ascend phone.

    I have tried various wpa_supplicant files with no luck so far.

  2. MaxOmus

    MaxOmus Well-Known Member

  3. MaxOmus

    MaxOmus Well-Known Member

    OK, I fired up the Ascend, I have it running CM7-Ascend-BobZ
    and it picked up & connected to my other phones running wifi tethers with no problems...

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