Connect to Eduroam wifi trouble with PEAPSupport

  1. Klang

    Klang New Member

    Trying to get my Xperia to connect to the European University network Eduroam.

    The problem is that in the wifi settings I need to choose security settings under WPA2-EAP. I need to be able to chose PEAP & sub-type PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2

    But the only choice I have on the phone is TLS.

    The Android version 1.6 is supposed to have PEAP support and other Android phones seem to manage this.

    Any help?


  2. maxmaniac

    maxmaniac New Member


    Same problem here...
    Tried to connect to Eduroam network in my university using this link as guide:

    [oucs] Connecting to Eduroam via Android

    The problem is, I can't find any other options under "EAP type" except "TLS" (step 7 on the tutorial mentioned above).

    Has Sony Ericsson something to do with this?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Klang

    Klang New Member

    I emailed Sony Ericsson last week about this but I have not received any reply. There is also a rumor of an Android update for Sony but I have no idea if that will resolve the problem. Its very annoying not being able to connect to eduroam... But I will post any solutions here if I come across them...
  4. maxmaniac

    maxmaniac New Member

    Well, I have some news regarding this case.

    I sent an email to Sony Ericsson/Portugal this morning, and they replied a few moments ago saying this:

    " Dear (..)

    blablabla (..)

    The only networks to which you can establish a connection with Xperia X10 are: Open, WEP, WPA personal, WPA2 personal, WPA-EAP and WPA2-EAP."

    Well... This is something we've already found...
    And I'm not very happy with their (lack) of support.

    Anyway, a friend of mine has a HTC (don't really know which model) but it has Android 1.6 and his phone also hasn't the EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2 options. But he has root access, so he uses an app form the market (Wifi Helper) to connect successfully.

    I believe the only solution for this is to wait for root access or wait for an eventual update...


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