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Connect to iMac?Support

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  1. Paulh9788

    Paulh9788 Member

    Has anyone had success connecting the dinc 4g lte to a mac to transfer files? At present, the HTC Sync Manager only supports PCs.

  2. DJP

    DJP Member

    Go to settings---Connect to PC---Default connection type---Disc drive. Then connect phone to mac. Then you can transfer files to/from mac and phone.
  3. DJP

    DJP Member

    After connecting phone to mac you should see an icon for the phones internal drive and another icon for the phones sd card on the macs desktop.
  4. Paulh9788

    Paulh9788 Member

    When I go to settings and press "Connect to PC" I get a message that says "Unfortunately, the process com.android.settings has stopped". Did a restart and got the same message.
  5. DJP

    DJP Member

    I'm not sure what that means but something is obviously wrong with your phone.

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