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  1. ghostd0gg

    ghostd0gg Guest This Topic's Starter

    Hello people. im new to the forum.I'm waiting my wildfire in some days to arrive..Ive used it a lit bit because a friend of mine has it.Since i cant find a good answer online and the search in this forum didnt help i would like to ask you.

    How can i connect my wildfire to the internet using my pcs's connection?..They pc doesn't have wifi..so it has to be wired..Thanks , Nick

  2. smokinguns

    smokinguns Active Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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    What you're looking for is called USB Reverse Tethering.

    I am trying to do that on my HTC Desire myself. No luck so far..

    Couple of resources reg ppl claiming to have done it on other phones (rooted - will void warranty). None of them worked unfortunately.

    a) Requires Rooting - Tried, Can't execute the last command to set the DHCP of usb0 as it requires root.
    Mycila Blog: Reverse USB Tethering with Android 2.2

    b) Isn't clear if it requires rooting - Doesn't work (strange!)
    Connect-UTB • View topic - USB Networking in Android on HTC

    c) Some other tablet Android which has an external Ethernet adapter - although might only work with particular model.
    USB Enthernet cable Connection

    d) Yet to try
    [android-developers] Re: Ethernet / IP over USB connection?
  3. ghostd0gg

    ghostd0gg Guest This Topic's Starter

    thanks for the answer.

    well answer e) buy a wireless modem

    is the best solution for me now...thanks mate
  4. xaviat

    xaviat New Member

    Jan 13, 2011
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    Why dont you just use connectify or Virtual Router.

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