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  1. tucsonled

    tucsonled New Member


    I have an Ipad and the Ipad camera connection kit, and am trying to connect my Evo 4G to use to take pictures with on my Ipad. Is this possible, when I hook it up I get the error message saying that it uses too much energy.


  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

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    i believe that is not how the camera connection kit was designed to do. you will get that error as the evo is trying to use it like a battery source. you might be able to connect to it via bluetooth maybe. but transferring data will not work that way.
  3. peterchannewyork

    peterchannewyork New Member

    I just got the new Ipad, i successfully connected my HTC evo 3d to Ipad for photo transfer. you need the camera kit, usb adapter. what you need is a non-power usb hub (i have an old kensington one) and from there you plug your phone via usb hub, then usb hub to ipad camera kit. make sure to mount your phone as a disk drive. worked like a charm for me.

    it does take longer this way as android have to unmount from phone and mount as disk drive.

    but it showed up. if not, open up the photo app.

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