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Connect to Laptop's wifi adhoc networkGeneral

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  1. axlastro

    axlastro Member

    Has anyone tried/succeeded to connect their G1 to adhoc network made
    using their laptop for example.
    There is a file in /system/etc/wifi called "tiwlan" - maybe we can edit it?
    There is a line saying "ADHOC=0"
    I'm sure the G1 is capable of seeing adhoc networks because there are apps that allow tethering via WIFI. I want the reverse of these tethering apps.
    Is it possibe. Please anyone answer.

  2. axlastro

    axlastro Member

    Come on. Is it like forbidden to connect your G1 to your wi0fi
  3. frenchy128

    frenchy128 Member

    I would be interested to see if it could be done.. I'll probably end up buying a router before someone figures it out.. If I do, I'll post..
  4. chax

    chax New Member

  5. msimoens

    msimoens Active Member

    Just make sure you follow every step and be patient. Post back if you break your phone, looks like everything would be recoverable if you do break it.

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