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  1. PeterSquires

    PeterSquires Member


    I am a first time user of Android and just got the Galaxy S2 Sim Free and got everything working fine except I cannot understand how to transfer pitures and music from my Win 7 PC :confused:

    I connected using the USB cable and to be honest, I only just noticed that only 2 out of 3 sections of the connection wizzard were ticked as OK and one was not.

    My Phone does not show up under computer although it is connected and is charging up.

    Any bright ideas please?



  2. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    connection wizard?
    try downloading kies from the samsung website, it comes with drivers, otherwise the phone has to be idle on the wallpaper (no progams running) for the phone to allow any file transfers etc.
    Other option is to connect your phone & a pc to the same wifi router then run kies air, allows you to connect to your phone via a web page then upload files etc to the phone.
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  3. PeterSquires

    PeterSquires Member

    Thanks Teknik,

    All works now, only took about an hour to find a version of Kies on the useless Samsung UK site that works on Win 7 and I cannot even register the phone as the site has never heard of the GT-19100 or GT-I9100



    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    I just clicked on Kies and then entered the url, now downloading needed?
  5. Lembo

    Lembo Member

    Also Settings>Wifi & Network then USB for the mass storage option if you don't have Kies
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  6. Uber-Duper

    Uber-Duper Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. Windows cannot read Ext4 FATs.

    Kinda dumb that u need kies tho. I mean, what if I wanna copy pics from my mate's pc and there's no WIFI?

    Does the phone come with a CD? maybe there's a driver that u can install so that u can access the phone from windows directly..???
  7. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member


    And you don't 'need' kies, its just the easyest way to get the right drivers installed for usb so the pc will see the phone.
  8. Uber-Duper

    Uber-Duper Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, totally forgot you could do that..
  9. craPkit

    craPkit New Member

    You made my day. Been looking for something like this for days. This was way easier with the HTC Desire.
  10. tauran121

    tauran121 Well-Known Member

    agreed, way easier on HTC, hopefully we can get a widget that can take us straight to this option in the future.
  11. dhaslam

    dhaslam New Member

    First time to post, my main reason for the camera was to incorporate phone and camera in one instrument.

    I couldn't connect with Kies but the PC studio drivers worked. However the program won't carry out any functions because it can't see the phone even when connected. It is possible to transfer files because the PC sees the phone as a drive. The software doesn't look like it would transfer contacts from Outlook.

    The Bluetooth connection asks for Symbian and Windows phones only.

    The Irish website is worse than UK. A search for the phone comes up with ten pages of unrelated references.

    It is surprising that with such good software on the phone that the PC software is so bad.
  12. bigal240576

    bigal240576 New Member

    I keep getting 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)' Phone however (SG2) thinks that it is connected. Im using windows 7 64 bit. Have just downloaded the latest Kies from samsung website. Have tried with debugging ticked and unticked, made no difference.
    Any ideas??

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