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Connect to the Internet via your computer? (bluetooth)

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  1. tafsen

    tafsen New Member


    I'm trying to share my Internet from my laptop to my Milestone wireless. I've read in here that Android doesn't support ad-hoc, and I don't have a wireless router so that leaves me with bluetooth. So my big Q is: "Can you share your Internet from your computer to a Android-device via bluetooth?"

  2. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    You may be able to get ad-hoc support somehow if your phone is rooted. I know you can turn it into a wireless access point with root access, so it's possible someone has figured out how to configure ad-hoc support. I doubt you can get a connection from your computer through Bluetooth though.
  3. zhukoff.as

    zhukoff.as New Member

    Everything works on my Macbook Air and HTC Hero. I use Macbook Air as a wifi router when connected to internet by cable and share internet connection with my HTC Hero.

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