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Connect to zune or marketplace from mytouch/android!

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  1. GodBunny

    GodBunny New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 2, 2009
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    i am sure many have maybe thought about this... and i have tried many ways... thinking that i could make my phone into a wifi access spot would work but then to my dismay i found that zune can not connect to ad hoc connections... and of course it does not have bluetooth... it can connect to ad hoc to connect to other zunes or through infrastructure connections...

    is there anyway to have an android phone or specifically mytouch to become an access point but as infrastructure like a router instead of ad hoc...

    this is the only way i could think that what i am trying to do would work? or if there is a way to get zune marketplace onto the phone... im trying to be able to stream or download music from my zune pass all you can eat(download) subscription... would be nice, no?

    anyone know of a way to make this possible?

    edit*** my phone is rooted!


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