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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Melibokus, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Hi , I own a huawei ideos X3, and am on tribe.
    So, I wanted to connect the phone with usb. It is amazing, to find a path (within an day :). Not true, but by feeling.
    First I did read here, drivers are needed and available. Until the startbuttom on the targetpage said "time over". Then I got a link to an support page from huawei. The file did not come ( 7 mb) until I used the right buttom , and got the download, with the name "downloadfile.htm". As I did know, that maid be wrong, I renamed it to "" and cold look what it is. It was the right package. So I anpacked all and got, "only for W7", for WXP use active sync. So I put my old active sync installation away and made a new one. And , to defend against all posible mistakes, I changed the micro USB cabel. I have one more tiny and one more thicker. ( For DOS veterans this is simple and normal)
    That was the goal, not all copper thread where on both sides off my tiny cable.
    Now as I connect the phone with the thick micro cable to the usb port, the pc found my phone and with explorer I wasted double and anused files on the phone and on the sd card. As I am happy I wish the same to all off you. Melobokus

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    Welcome to Android Forums, Melibokus. Thank you for posting your problem and solution to the USB connection issue. :)

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