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  1. spiri

    spiri Member

    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm now browsing via Wi-fi on my Hero using my D-Link DI-524 router!

    I found the solution over at xda-developers, where there's a thread very similar to this one. Some guy over there had a version 3.13b of the D-Link DI-524 firmware. Mine was running 3.12, which appears to be the latest official release.

    Anyway, user deeren over at xda-developers kindly uploaded the 3.13b firmware he was using, and I installed it on my router and it fixed the issue!
    You can find deeren's post with link here xda-developers - View Single Post - wifi signal, but no internet.
    NOTE: deeren does point out that the 3.13b firmware is for the G2 version of the DI-524. I have no clue what the difference between the versions are, but mine was a G2. On the back of mine, on the white label it says "H/W Ver.: G2".

    Furthermore, with regards to you guys running Zyxel routers. I stumpled across a thread on a Danish board, discussing this issue on an HTC Magic -- indicating that it's an Android/Linux issue -- and from that thread was a link to another thread at xda-developers claiming that new Zyxel firmware fixes the issue as well (though special Fullrate/other branded firmware may complicate the upgrade process). Here are the links:
    Problemer med WIFI p

  2. erectij

    erectij New Member

    It works! Thanks from Norway, spiri!
  3. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    New to this Forum, So Hi !! :D

    I'm having some similar issues to the ones everyone else is having except my HTC will only sporadically connect (its probably done it 3 times in about 1000 tries!) to my Zoom X6 and then disconnect. Sometimes even loosing the AP (out of range) for a few minutes then seeing it again......??? Sometimes when I press connect it will try and succeed then others it does nothing at all and constantly say disconnected. Tried everything to solve it and getting a little hacked off now. Contacted HTC and they advised to get rid of everything "n" related, but the X6 I have only has b and g....so this shouldn't be a problem......Hope they sort it soon. If anyones got any ideas or suggestions for me on a Zoom fix let me know.........

    Apart from that I love the phone!!
  4. DownTown

    DownTown New Member

    Hi people,

    I have got the Hero since yesterday. Initial wifi setup was ok. But when i went out to the garden and the phone when outside of wifi range. When i came back into range it wouldn't reestablish contact with the router.
    I resolved the issue buy giving the phone a IP address out of the dhcp range.
    You can do this in the wifi config then use the menu button to got to advanced and edit the settings.

    I am just writing this in the hope someone has the same trouble and has good use of this info
  5. Mavve

    Mavve New Member

    Hey, I got my hero 2 days ago and it started that way to, first it worked like a charm (the WiFi) and suddenly when I left my home, it switched to 3g and when I got back home it went dead. so I have to use 3g to be able to use the browser BUT the wifi works on market.

    I suck @ pc stuff nowdays, could you please help me with this issue.

    #1 how do I know my dhcp range?
    #2 where do I enter the new IP in the advanced menu?
    my router is a Belkin N wirless router.
  6. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid I've got some nasty news for you dude: the Hero seems to have an issue with N routers, apparently it wants to play only with a/b/g ones. lt sems to really love my old lynksys WRG for exemple.
    If you read some of the older posts in this thread you'll find some more (mostly unwelcome) info.
    I'm sorry mate.
  7. Netman

    Netman New Member

    Hi Everyone - I had the same problem with a Belkin F5D7230 access point connected to a Netgear (non-wireless) router.

    I had the Belkin set on WEP 64bit security, which my new Hero refused to talk to (it saw the access point, allowed me to put in a key, then refused to route a DHCP IP address from the router and kept coming up 'Unsuccessful'). When i changed it to WEP 128bit, it worked fine. Hope that helps someone!
  8. supplyimaging

    supplyimaging New Member

    The good news is that we all seem to have a similar problem! My Hero worked on wifi for some time then started playing up.
    The main issues seem to be:
    a)Always works on 3G/2G
    b)Connects to wifi so you think it will be the same.
    c)Strange results that are not always the same when connected through wifi.

    My phone works better when connected using WPA2 rather than WEP128bit.
    beebplayer connects but will not stream.
    Last.FM works well only with WPA2.
    Various browser problems .

    All these problems go away on 3G.
    Various routers have been tried and ISP's.

    The problem is the phones wifi connection setup and software and that must be upgradeable.

    The phone could be better I am sure, but what a phone and operating system it is now. Skymap, GPSTracker, Last.FM and beebplayer are the programs I use most. Once the wifi issue is solved it will be great. And the battery lasts. (Ex Nokia N95 owner) And the Google integration...

    I just hope that others with this wifi fault will realize that they are not alone!
    Martin Perrett
  9. supplyimaging

    supplyimaging New Member

    I have an answer for the wifi problems with the HTC Hero.
    It is only a work around and came via David Johnson of beebplayer fame.
    Get into your routers setup.
    Set the HTC Hero's address to fixed using it's MAC
    Set this address as the DMZ
    The phone now works with wifi fine!!!
    It worked for me and everyone else who has tried it so they say.
    Still only a work around though

  10. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    Interesting: but what is the DMZ? The " DeMilitarized Zone"?
  11. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    Can you be a bit more precise, please? and remember all routers are different :)

    Are you talking about the DHCP setup? Note that for some of us DHCP is supplied by something other than the wireless access point.

    You're saying that the DHCP server should return a fixed address, based on the Hero's wireless MAC address, right? I've always done that, and it's never helped my wifi problems.

    I did wonder about setting static IP addressing on the Hero itself; i.e. manually telling the Hero its IP addr and not using DHCP at all. But that would require no changes on the "router", so obviously isn't what you're describing.

    And could you explain the DMZ bit, please? For those of us not using anything like that in our setups...

    thanks much...
  12. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Setting the DHCP server to issue a fixed IP based on MAC addressing I can follow, although configuring the Hero to use a static IP would achieve the same result. However I've got a major issue with putting the Hero in the so-called DMZ, which exposes it directly to the outside world by effectively bypassing any firewall built in to the router. However slight the risk, it's simply poor practice. Furthermore, this can't have any bearing on the (in)ability to connect wirelessly to the router as any firewalling only applies to the WAN connection. It may have a bearing on the "connected but unable to do anything" issue though, but a more secure solution would be to identify exactly how the firewall is involved and rectify that directly.

  13. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    Ok, I have lost you guys.
    But I just don't understand why my Hero and that of another guy I know are both remarkably good at WIFI-ing (home, office and hot spotting) and Bluetothing, and yours are not.
    Obviously it is'nt a system issue, or an android weakness, or anything related to the Hero's specs or standard software or hardware, because otherways we would all be suffering your same fate (and the internet would be filled by screams of rabid Hero buyers , me included) .
    Even though you sound and surely are a whole lot more informed about wireless connections than me, it appears obvious to me that the issuemust be either in the routers you use (and HTC explained that some of them are known to be uncooperative with Android devices) or with a bug in your particular handset.
    Can't you try to take it to the store wher you bought it, or to a repair shop, and see if the repair folks can make it work or if it needs a fix or a new spare part?
    Am I wrong?
  14. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Neither do we, which is why we're bouncing so many theories around. :D

    That's one distinct possibility, yes.

    Unlikely, as it affects too many users and too small a subset of routers/APs.

    A third possibility is a flaw in some aspect of either the Android wi-fi implementation or the tcp/ip stack. If we're somehow able to narrow it down there's more chance of a fix being forthcoming.

  15. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    actually, the forums *are* ablaze with rabid Hero users complaining about wifi problems :)

    HTC's "explanation" is almost certainly bogus, although it would be nice to see it so explained. Did they give you any details?

    I believe that the Hero is doing something a little bit different as far as being a wifi client is concerned, and that is tickling something with some, even many, but clearly not all routers. that something might indicate a bug on the Hero, or a common bug in all the routers (less likely), or, most likely of all, a straying into some poorly-defined part of 802.11g where no-one can say for certain who is "at fault".

    In my case, I was almost completely unable to get a working connection using WEP and my Linksys WRT54G running stock Linksys firmware (the latest available, but still very old). Re-flashing that router with the Tomato firmware, and using WPA2 produced a massive improvement, although it still isn't perfect.

    That would suggest a bug in the old Linksys firmware, yet many other people report identical symptoms with other makes of router.

    This sort of subtle, occasional, failure is very unlikely to be a hardware problem, so getting it repaired isn't likely to help.

    I can live with the current symptoms, which are infrequent drops of the wireless connection, sometimes every few mins, sometimes only once or twice a day. sometimes it comes back by itself, sometimes not. Once it resolutely refused to come back, and I had to delete the AP details from the Hero and re-add them (the same, obviously) and now it's working fine again. That's not a hardware problem, or a router problem, for certain.

    So, when you leap in with what might be a workaround, we're all agog, but desperate for more details... :)

    in particular, what does this mean: "Set the HTC Hero's address to fixed using it's MAC", exactly?

    DHCP, but using a fixed IP? Or static IP (i.e. no DHCP at all)?

    If the former - and I suspect you do mean this, since you say you do it on the router, where the latter is done on the Hero - then that's not it, at least for some of us, since we're doing that already.

    thanks anyway, for the ideas; glad yours are working well, at least :)
  16. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Would it be useful if we list working as well as problematic set-ups? Maybe if we get a sufficient selection some light will be shed on the issue? I'll start....

    Connection successful with:

    Baseband version:
    Using: 802.11g, WPA2-Personal, DHCP

    Draytek Vigor 2600G (ADI Eagle chipset, 2.5.9_UK firmware)
    Using: 802.11g, WPA2-PSK
    SSID visible
    MAC addressing ACL enabled
    DHCP server enabled (IP pool -

  17. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    You are mixing up my post with those of someone else, I've never wrote those things , even because I haven't got the faintest idea of what they could possibly mean, (otherways I swear I would tell you).

    By the way my router is a Linksys too even though I don't know what model it is.
    It's more than an year old anyway, it's a black and blue 2.4 GHz/802.11g thing with a stiker on top that says " With Speed Booster " , well, I never ever experienced a drop of line or a failure to instantly connect by its own when the Hero gets within range or switched on, in the more than 2 weeks I have had it.
    This is true also for my N97, the other phone I have though , an old HTC TouchHD, sometimes needs to be reminded that its WIFI receiver should wake up, (specially in Hot spots) but I can't remember it ever dropped a connection.
    Actually I have often been tempted to upgrade to a new fancy router with Lcd screens, and top notch reviews , but when I think of how perfectly this linksys has been streaming , data,movies and videos, music, etc. to all kind of devices all over the first 2 floors of my house and a good portion of the garden too, I always ask myself what more could I ask from a router and how could it ever work better than it does now.
    OK it does not stream HD movies but I could'nt care less.
    Do you have the same model?
  18. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    yup, sorry, I was confusing you with the other poster who came up with the vague idea in the first place...
  19. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    mine is a much older Linksys, WRT54G, must be 5 years old at least. it's used for nothing more than a wireless access point. thanks to the re-flashing it can even do WPA2, since that's purely software. the hardware is quite simple...
  20. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    Just a quick update on my side of things with the Zoom X6. I am still not getting a connection. The best I have it at the moment is using WPA, Static IP, DMZ open on the IP, MAC filtered. When rebooting the AP I get about 5 minutes of Wi-fi then it completely disconnects again. Only to work when I turn the AP off and on again.

    HTC advised that it was a Zoom problem (what a suprise!), but advised that the update will be coming soon for the HTC and this may help (i'm on Orange so that could be a while:p). Both Zoom and HTC advised that if you have any "n" settings then to turn these off as the HTC doesn't like them.

    Zoom advised me to change the SSID, which, oddly enough, did something for a few minutes before disconnecting again. I'm waiting for another Zoom response...who knows if they can help!

    I don't have much of tekkie background, but I think i've tried just about everything there is to try on the Zoom to get it to work......with every combination I can think of!!!

    I think a new Router is in the pipeline!!!
  21. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    Most probably I don't need to tell you this, but before ponying up make double sure that the new one plays nice with your Hero , even better: first find one that works and then buy the same model.

    I checked all over my blue Linksys but I can't find a model name, just "wireless G 2.4GHz with Speed Booster" ,could this be its name?
  22. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    It may be an idea to make a list of known working and problematic ones.....???

    I can categorically say that my Zoom ADSL X6 series 1058 with the yellow ethernet ports is problematic :mad:
  23. Plexus

    Plexus Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine has just been here because (on my suggestion!!) bought the Hero 4 days ago and has never been able to get on line via his (cheapo) "Level1" branded wireless router.
    He already noticed that it had no probs at a local caf
  24. cdmackay

    cdmackay Well-Known Member

    not really :)

    doesn't it have some stickers on it underneath?

    alternatively, if you go to its web interface, it should also tell you there.
  25. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Check the base; pretty sure there'll be a small white label there with the model code # and serial #. I think you might have a WAG54G.


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