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  1. roybj

    roybj New Member

    this is really weird,
    first of all i got the Nexus 1, with stock 2.2 FRF91
    my phone has an internet connection by itself (i always have the 3g icon and ability to browse the net at all times - both with or without the hotspot on).
    i also have a laptop running win7 32bit which connects to my wireless router with no problem.
    i tried setting up wifi hotspot on my nexus (both opened and secured - same result)
    then connecting with my laptop, it connects fine but then win says it has no internet connection (also when opening the "network and sharing center" it shows that the connection between the laptop and phone is ok, but phone-internet is broken).
    also, im not sure if that is related, but i tried connecting the desktop computer (win7 32bit) with usb tethering. my desktop has the nexus drivers installed (i am using adb commands here and there with no problem)
    again, it is connected and the pc is saying something about a "remote internet device" but no internet connection!

    any ideas? i am actually interested in solving the wifi issue (i wouldnt mind solving the usb, but thats a secondary issue that perhaps is related).


  2. crsnwby

    crsnwby Active Member

    If its a problem when you connect your Phone to your WiFi router for internet access like it sounds above. Check your router it may have MAC filtering enabled, I know my router requires me to add the MAC address in the list of devices before it will allow it to use the internet.

    Let me know the make and model of your router and I should be able to point you where to look for the setting.
  3. roybj

    roybj New Member

    i think you misunderstood me, the problem occurs when i try setting up my phone as a hotspot to provide internet access for my laptop (for example).
    it has nothing to do with my router (i simply pointed out that the laptop CAN gain internet access via my router and NOT via my nexus)

    my laptop connects successfully to the phone which is set-up as a wireless hotspot, but has no internet access.

    any ideas?
  4. Tendo87

    Tendo87 Member

    This happened to me a couple days ago, I don't know if it was a fluke or what but try this, while the laptop is connected to ur N1 through wireless hotspot, open ur WiFi hotspot settings on ur N1 then just open "configure WiFi hotspot" and then just hit save, you don't have to adjust any settings. When I did that my laptop all of a sudden connected properly and everything was all honky dory.
  5. crsnwby

    crsnwby Active Member

    Ah I see so your trying to tether your laptop to the N1 for internet access. Sorry I never tried that as I always use WiFi at home or just the phone outside. I cant find any relevant info on the web as its all about 2.1 hacking and tethering..

    One thing to try... is connecting it up as normal, let it show "no internet connection"

    then release and renew your IP address..

    On your laptop

    Start->Run->type "cmd" no parentesis -> press enter
    Then on the next screen type ipconfig /release
    press enter
    Then type ipconfig /renew
    press enter
  6. roybj

    roybj New Member

    Tendo87, crsnwby thanks for your help
    tried both, unfortunately still the same.
  7. crsnwby

    crsnwby Active Member

    Sorry I cant even test with my phone as Vodafone are clowns and we dont have 2.2 yet.

    I will have a hunt around tomorrow I'm bound to be able to find someone with the same problem.
  8. techdaring

    techdaring Well-Known Member

    If MAC address filter enable, you cannot joined that network. Please check the configuration of your modem, make sure the internet available.
  9. roybj

    roybj New Member

    @techdaring: what do you mean by "check my modem config"?
    the only members of my problem scope are my nexus and my laptop - while trying to connect the laptop to the internet using the wifi hotspot function in the 2.2.
    did i miss anything?
  10. crsnwby

    crsnwby Active Member

    No hes talking about the same thing I said earlier, but your not connecting the N1 to your router your connecting the laptop to your N1.
  11. m3mny

    m3mny New Member

    Hi there :)

    I am writing this on my HTC desire because I can't get the WiFi Hotspots service on my phone to co operate with my pc!

    I have the network all set up.. I can see and connect to my phoned WiFi but there is no internet. Before the 2.2 update USB tethering worked too.. but none of it seems to be happening any more.

    My laptop is running the latest version of Ubuntu.

    Any fixes/advice would be awesome. Cheers
  12. judyeng

    judyeng New Member

    Im having the same issue with my hotspot. I was able to use it for several months. I had no problem connecting with to my laptop, but then one day I tried disabling the google voice mail then it stopped working. I am having the same issue. My computer says that theres connection and then it says no intern connection.
  13. backstormer

    backstormer Member

    hi, i read all this and thought, hey mine was working, now why isnt it? i rang up AMAYSIM and got the guy (geoff) to help me out, quite by chance i got it working.
    goto: menu->settings->Applications->Development and check 'USB debugging'

    that got mine working again, i dont know why it was switched off, i may have been playing with it
  14. amarmano

    amarmano New Member

    I have internet connection enabled on my mobile and it works fine. When i try to setup my mobile as internet hotspot using WIFI, i am able to have my laptop connected to my mobile through WIFI but internet connection is not available.

    I also notice that the data packet connection gets disabled on my phone the moment my laptop & phone are connected thru WIFI, i tried enabling data packet connection on my mobile manually but i am unable to do that when WIFI connection is on btwn my laptop & mobile.

    Is there any other setting to be done on the mobile? or any settings to be enabled by the internet connection provider?

    Amarnath M
  15. AnotherJohnH

    AnotherJohnH Member

    Not the same phone, but the same problem:

    Tethered fine (Windows 7 laptop to rooted ZTE Skate Gingerbread 2.3.5), but "no internet" on the laptop.

    In the "mobile network settings" on the phone - "Enable always-on mobile data"
    enable that...

    Worked for me :)
  16. N3r0

    N3r0 New Member

    Phone: Galaxy Nexus.

    Untill some day ago I haven't experienced any problem. But now I can't connect my HP lap top to the galaxy N hotspot. I tryed to restore the PC to factory settings first, then I did the same with the Galaxy N.
    No solution.
    Neither the Mac PC can connect. But my girlfriend's ASUS PC can. I asked her in which way it could, but she doesn't know. She asked me: "Have I a lap top?"

    So I can understand that the phone is working, but I can't figure out why the oters PC can't make the connection.

    I am very sad. Help me please.
  17. azafarus

    azafarus New Member

    Its possible that you have messed up APN settings. Go to your settings in android, go to wireless & networks>mobile networks> apns>click the menu button and select "reset to default apn".
  18. tiffanyeliza

    tiffanyeliza Member

    so it must be the mac computer network settings.
  19. nervegear02

    nervegear02 New Member

    hi can you help me ?
  20. micronome

    micronome New Member

    Update manually your wireless network adapter drivers to the latest version. Don't use automatic update. It always claims that your drivers are up to date. That is bulls**t. Driver update resolved my connection problems in all devices that are older than my android phone. Now the internet works fine using android hotspot. :)

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