Connecting 7.7 to computer monitor via multimedia dockTips

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  1. skypilotpete

    skypilotpete New Member

    I would appreciate some advice before I go ahead and spend money on something I don't understand. I would like to be able to play videos from my Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet on a computer monitor. Samsung makes a multimedia dock for the 7.7, which apparently has HDMI out. This dock is not available in Australia, except via ebay, as far as I can see. Also, none of my current monitors have HDMI in.

    So if I am going to go down this track, I will have to buy the dock and a new monitor. Before I spend the money, has anyone used the Samsung 7.7 multimedia dock, and does it give a good result when playing videos on an external monitor via HDMI out from the dock to HDMI in to a monitor?


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