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  1. gravecad

    gravecad Member

    How can i connect my zenithik ZT-180 android to a computer? Why does it connect to a computer. Does it run more software?

  2. gravecad

    gravecad Member

    any idea where i could get software on cd for my zt-180 and a cable?
  3. BiohazardVideo

    BiohazardVideo Well-Known Member

    The cable for my C71 is a standard usb mini that is available almost everywhere. The computer function is automatic access to mass storage device.
  4. gewhitt1

    gewhitt1 Member

    I have a zenithink zt-180, hookup the mini usb to you're zenithink and the full size usb to you're computer (it should download the driver if you're on the net). I use linux (openbox) it sees it as a mass storage device witch means it thinks it's a hard drive, so you can use it to transferrer files from one device to another. Hope this helps

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