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Connecting PC to Android Tablet

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  1. shiflerg

    shiflerg Active Member

    I have just purchased a Prestige 7L-4.1 from Walmart (I see a few others have also). I'm slowly going thru a learning process of how to operate this beast and maybe in tame it. I have downloaded apps, watched a movie with my headphones, explored the internet. Now I wish to establish connectivity between my PC and my new tablet.

    This is the process I went thru. With the tablet off, I plugged in the USB to the Tablet and the other end to the PC. I then turned on power to the tablet. The PC recognized this and started adding drivers. These are the drivers added: 1) USB Composite Device 2) USB Mass Storage Device 3) Alcatel Android ADB Interface 4) USB 2.0 Flash Driver 5) USB 2.0 Flash Driver.

    When I look at my Windows Explorer I see 2 new drives which I think are items 4 & 5 above. When I try to access them it tells me to insert a disk. I looked in Device Manager and this Alcatel Android ADB Interface is under the heading of Android Phone.

    Can someone tell me if this is the proper driver to interface my PC with my new android tablet???

    Thanks for your help.

  2. shiflerg

    shiflerg Active Member

    I've pursued this further. I saw several people mentioned problems with the uSD port so I bought a 16gb uSD and plugged it in. I turned on power to the tablet; plugged the usb cable into the tablet; then plugged the other end into my computer. The tablet recognized the usb was in and was in "debug" mode. Clicking on the icon on the tablet then let me choose a more normal mode which allowed copying files from my PC to the tablet.

    Now my PC recognized the two drives appropriately. I copied my bookmarks file from the pc the the main drive of the tablet. I repeated this process a couple of hours later; I then moved the booksmark file from the main drive of the tablet to the uSD card.

    Things are looking up. My next task will to open that bookmarks file and somehow use it (or portions of it) when I browse the internet on the tablet.

    Comments or questions or cautions are appreciated.


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