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Connecting Phone to a MacSupport

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  1. mekkerlc

    mekkerlc Active Member

    Can the Dinc2 be connected to a Macbook Pro? I keep trying but the computer says 'The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.'

    Any ideas?

    All I want to do is get some of my itunes music onto the phone!


  2. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    I was having the same issue and was really getting frustrated with both phone and mac...I tried customer service with both HTC and Apple with no success or helpful suggestions from either...(grrr) Then yesterday I connected phone to mac via usb just to charge the phone, the "does not recognize" warning came up and just when I was ready to click "ignore", the Salling Media Sync app that I had installed on my mac for use with my Eris, suddenly appeared on the mac screen and the phone asked me to select default type - charge only, HTC Sync, Disk Drive, etc. - I clicked Disk Drive and voila!! I was able to sync music from itunes and cruise through the Inc2 files as well. I repeated the process three other times during the evening as well as twice today, worked every time.

    I did have USB Debugging checked (I think I checked it and forgot to uncheck it during one of my previous episodes of trying to get the two together). I also noticed that there was a lag between the time I connected the usb cord and when the app (Salling) actually connected and appeared on the screen.

    I completely and utterly understand and feel your frustration! I really wish I knew exactly what happened to allow the connection and could give you a complete answer and a "fix".

    I originally downloaded the Salling app from their website and installed it on my macbook pro.

    I hope this gives you some insight as well as a little hope and maybe a trail to follow :)
  3. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    Alrighty...sorry I have more to add. I forgot to mention that once Salling connected to the phone, the HTC Droid Inc2 icon appeared on the computer screen and that was how I was able to cruise through the files on the phone.

    Also, you can remove SD card from phone, place it in an adapter, insert into your mac and add music files from itunes that way as well. A little more work, but you can get your music on your Inc2 :D

    One more thing...make sure that you unmount your SD card safely before you remove it -
    settings>SD & phone settings>Unmount SD card
  4. Skymrnlit

    Skymrnlit Well-Known Member

    I couldn't get it to connect via USB either, but found it was easy via bluetooth.. took a bit longer to transfer data, but at least I was able to.
  5. mekkerlc

    mekkerlc Active Member

    Got it to work as you described above...stalling worked the second time I tried! Thanks a ton! Now I just have to figure out how to organize the music on my phone
  6. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    You are welcome, happy to have been of help :)
  7. snsethy

    snsethy Member

    Would your phone repeatedly connect and disconnect from your computer? Mine seems to do that every time it gets jiggled. I think the USB port is bad because sometimes I plug it in at night and it isn't charged in the morning.
  8. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    I am sure that if your port is loose on your phone, your connection will connect/disconnect. Bummer...the only thing I can recommend is to be very careful when you have your phone connected, by placing it in such a place as not to bump it accidentally. Plug your cord into your computer USB port, set your phone some place out of the way and then plug your cord into the phone port.
    The port on my Eris was loose and I had this problem as well. Just needed to hold my tongue right, hold my breath and above all...not bump it :) Hopefully, someone else can add more insight. Good luck!
  9. raconteur

    raconteur Active Member

    you have to enable PC Sync rather than charge only mode
  10. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    If you are connecting to a Mac, under the Connect to PC menu choose Disk Drive. A Dinc2 icon will pop up on your desk top, click that and your phone files will open.
    I have iPhoto set up to pop up automatically to transfer photos and videos direct from phone to Mac. I use iSyncr to transfer music files and use Astro to access files on the SD card.
    Getting your Mac to play nice with your Android is a little roundabout but it is doable :)
  11. Feathered

    Feathered New Member

    And just how do you do this? I would like to do the opposite, transfer photos to my Mac.
  12. Feathered

    Feathered New Member

    Can you tell me how to do this? I want to transfer photos to Iphoto on my Mac and can't get the Mac to see the phone . . .

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