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  1. So, my employer just issued me a shiny new Motorola XPRT to replace my BlackBerry. Really liking it -- except for one thing that I'll probably post about later in a separate thread -- and I have a question. While at the office, I used to leave my BlackBerry connected to my PC all day via USB. I know that's pretty common with the BlackBerry -- I've seen others do it, and I just followed suit.

    Is doing this advisable with my XPRT? I'm afraid of the battery deteriorating as a result. That happened pretty quickly (i.e. within a year or so) with the BlackBerry, though I of course have no idea whether the all-day charges were the reason, or even whether that's abnormal.

  2. dm919

    dm919 Member

    That's probably not good for any device
  3. JPSmith

    JPSmith Member

    I can't see that this would cause problems for any device. Lots of people leave their smartphones cradled or otherwise on charge all day without ill effect. I do it in my office because my Sprint signal is weak there and the battery would drain quickly if not on charge. At most it might decrease the life of the battery a bit, but I'm not even sure of that because I've heard that keeping Lithium batteries topped off is actually good for them. And batteries are cheap anyway. I see it as a small price to pay for knowing I always have a full charge when I leave the office.

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